Engineering Degree Program in China - Geological Engineering

1. Introduction

Geological Engineering is a branch of geology. It is a combination subject of geology and engineering science. It studies mutual restriction relationship between human engineering activities and geological environment, and researches on how to obtain the geological environmental conditions, analyse mutual restraint form between human engineering activities and geological environment, and then study, evaluate, modify and protect geological environment.

2. Practice Teaching

Internship, graduation thesis or design, etc.

3. Research Area

Geological survey techniques and methods and exploration and evaluation of mineral resources; prediction and evaluation of regional mineral base and mineral prospecting areas; exploration, development and evaluation of mining and ore deposit; construction in the field of geology engineering; study and decision making of project feasibility; new technology and new method for geological exploration; prediction, evaluation, monitoring and protection of hydrogeology, engineering geology, environmental geology, geological disaster; computer applications in the study of geological structure, geological environment, geological processes and geological disasters; quality inspection in the course of geological engineering and design, development and application of new methods, new technology; project management of geological resources and geological engineering.

4. Training Requirement

Students mainly study basic theores of basic geology, geophysics, geochemistry, water geology, geological engineering, then get the primary ability to engage in resource geological exploration, and get the basic ability to solve common geological engineering problems.

5. Knowledge and Ability

1). Students will master broad integrated knowledge and basis of computer languages, with solid professional knowledge and basic skills; 

2). Students will master the basic theory of geological engineering, will study basic theory of geology, mechanics, engineering mechanics systematically, master basic theory and basic knowledge of engineering mechanics, structural mechanics, rock and soil mechanics, geology, hydrology geology, engineering geology analysis, rock and soil engineering construction technology;

3). Students will get professional knowledge and ability of comprehensive analysis, survey and design, construction design, geotechnical engineering construction, rock and soil improvement of engineering geology, and can give objective analysis and judgment to the geological phenomenon; 

4). Students will get basic skills and abilities of survey, design, construction, planning and management of engineering geology, get systematic training from engineers; 

5). Students will be familiar with the relevant specifications of exploitation technique engineering, land and resources law, environmental geological protection law, with the basic knowledge and ability of engineering management; 

6). Students can carry on document retrieval, data query and information exchange using modern means of knowledge dissemination, with ability to do scientific research and update knowledge.

6. Major Courses

Engineering geology, higher mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering drawing, computer information technology, program design language, probability theory and mathematical statistics, general geology, mineralogy, petrology, structural geology, Quaternary Geology and geomorphology, geological paleontology, engineering geophysical exploration, engineering mechanics, surveying, soil mechanics, rock mechanics, principles of engineering geology, engineering geology investigation, basis of hydro geology, groundwater dynamics, hydrogeological investigation, geological engineering design, etc.

7. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in resource exploration, geotechnical drilling engineering construction, oil and gas drilling, offshore drilling engineering, polar drilling, etc.

8. Training Objectives

Geological Engineering trains senior engineering and technical personnel who can be engaged in resources exploration and evaluation, management, engineering construction in the fields of resource exploration, engineering survey, design, construction and management, etc.

9. Similar Majors

Mining engineering, petroleum engineering, mineral processing engineering, exploration technology and engineering, mineral resources engineering, oil and gas storage and transportation engineering, coal and coalbed methane engineering, resource exploration engineering.



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