Engineering Degree Program in China - Engineering Cost

1. Introduction

Engineering Cost is the construction price of the project. Project cost refers to the total cost of a project construction; the core content includes the investment estimate, design estimates, revised estimates, construction drawing budget, engineering settlement, project completion settlement and so on. The three elements of engineering valuation are the quantity, price, and fee. Project cost in the general sense covers the construction cost, highway engineering cost, waterway engineering cost, railway engineering cost, water conservancy project cost, cost of power engineering, communication engineering cost, aerospace engineering cost etc. The main task of the project cost is to calculate the direct costs included in the engineering (labor, materials and equipment, construction machinery use), enterprise management fees, measure fees, charges, profits and taxes according to the drawings, quota and listed specifications.

2. Engineering Cost Consultation

Engineering cost consultation refers to accepting the entrustment of the general public, undertaking the whole process of construction projects, the dynamic cost management, including feasibility study, investment estimation, economic evaluation of the project, the project estimate and budget, project settlement, project completion settlement, project bid and bidding preparation and audit of the project cost control, and provide the relevant project cost information and other services.

According to the different majors involved, engineering cost consulting industry can be divided into housing construction engineering cost consulting, municipal construction engineering cost consulting, highway construction engineering cost consulting, railway construction engineering cost consulting, and city traffic construction engineering cost consulting. According to the different stages of engineering construction, engineering construction consulting can be divided into the consulting of the early decision-making, the implementation stage advisory, consulting of the settlement audit phase, project cost consulting of the whole process, economic disputes identification of construction cost and arbitration consultation.

3. Cost Knowledge

1) Building concrete steel dosage

2) Budget index

3) Steel weight algorithm

4) Construction efficacy

5) Free price

6) Decoration calculation formula

4. Basic Functions

1) Evaluation function

2) Regulating function

3) Forecast function

4) Control function

5. Concrete Forms

1) Investment estimation

2) Design estimate

3) Revised estimate

4) Construction drawing budget

5) Project settlement

6) Final accounts

6. Characteristics

1) Large amount

2) Individual, difference

3) Dynamic

4) Hierarchy

5) Compatibility

7. Audit Content

Pre-settlement audit mainly focuses on three aspects: whether the engineering quantity is correct, whether the unit price is reasonable, whether the cost is accurate, based on the construction drawing, combines with the contract, the bidding documents, agreements, minutes of meetings and the geological investigation data, engineering change visa, material and equipment price visa, covert project acceptance record, to calculate and verify in accordance with the provisions of the relevant documents.

8. Audit Methods

1) Comprehensive audit method

2) Key audit method

3) Comparative audit method

4) Packet calculation

5) Screening method

9. Training Objectives

The program trains senior application-oriented talents in project cost management with the basic knowledge of management, economics and civil engineering technology, master the theory, methods and means of modern project cost management science, receive the basic training to be cost engineers, consulting (investment) engineers, with the ability of investment decision of engineering construction project and the project cost management of each stage during the whole process, with the practice ability and innovation spirit.

10. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and method of project cost; receive the basic training in engineering cost; with the basic skills of being engaged in the construction project bidding, preparing various types of project evaluation (estimate and budget) economic documents, conducting the construction project investment analysis, cost confirmation and control.

11. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic theory and skills of engineering cost management;

2) With strong ability of computer application;

3) Able to prepare the relevant engineering quota;

4) With the capacity of preparing construction equipment and materials procurement, material supply planning;

5) Familiar with the relevant industrial policies and regulations of the industry;

6) With the capacity of construction project cost accounting, analysis and management.

12. Main Courses

Descriptive geometry and engineering drawing, engineering drawing and CAD, the principle of management, building construction, building materials, engineering mechanics, engineering structure, construction technology, project management, engineering economics, construction valuation, civil engineering measurement, installation engineering construction technology, project cost management, construction contract management, construction quality the construction project cost control, management, engineering, project cost accounting, project bidding and contract management, project cost case analysis, electrical engineering, fluid mechanics, construction of electrical installation engineering and construction, valuation and measurement, building water supply and drainage.

13. Employment Prospects

The graduates can work in engineering consulting firms, construction companies, building decoration engineering companies, engineering construction supervision companies, real estate development enterprises, design institutes, accounting and auditing firms, government departments engaged in engineering construction bidding, construction project financing and investment, engineering cost determination and control, bidding, contract management, project budget and final accounts, engineering cost analysis, engineering consulting, project supervision, and software development and application and technical support related to project cost management.


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