Engineering Degree Program in China - Logistics Engineering

1. Introduction

Logistics Engineering program is mainly to study planning, design and resource optimization allocation of logistics system, and planning, control and management of logistics operation process based on studying objective of logistics system. Logistics engineering is a cross discipline between management and technology, which is closely related to traffic and transportation engineering, management science and engineering, industrial engineering, computer technology, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, architecture and civil engineering.

2. Training Objectives

Logistics engineering program trains application-typed senior engineering and technical personnel with basic theory and knowledge of logistics, operations research, management science, transportation organization, transportation economics, and transportation business management. These personnel can be engaged in work of planning and design of logistics system, design and integration of logistics technical equipment and logistics automation system, and operation and maintenance of logistics system in logistics enterprises, transportation enterprises, mechanical or electronic manufacturing enterprises and research institutes.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory and professional knowledge of logistics information system and logistics engineering; receive basic training of logistics engineering with ability to deal with problems related to logistics engineering.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master basic theory of logistics engineering;

2) With operation skills of application of logistics engineering;

3) With basic ability of planning, management and organization of logistics engineering;

4) With basic ability of command and decision of logistics engineering;

5) Understand latest development trends of logistics engineering.

5. Main Courses

Management science, operations research, engineering graphics, mechanical design, production and inventory control, logistics science, logistics information system, introduction of logistics, supply chain management, logistics engineering, logistics machinery technology, international logistics, introduction of e-commerce, logistics warehousing technology, logistics system engineering, transportation accounting

6. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can go into logistics enterprises, logistics management department of industry and Commerce, logistics administrative management departments, transportation enterprises, logistics system planning and design departments, management departments of commerce and circulation, logistics equipment research and development departments, sales enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities for working.



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