Textile Inspection and Trade Program in China

1. Introduction

Textile Inspection and Trade program trains senior technical talents with the basic theory of textiles, clothing production and quality testing, who can also understand the policies and regulations of textiles and clothing trade, clothing quality standard at home and abroad, and possess strong practical ability. And they can work in the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, bureau of quality and technical supervision, customs, textile and garment testing company, textile and garment trading company, and textile and garment production enterprises.

2. Training Objectives

The students should grasp the knowledge of textile inspection and trade, and get engaged in the textile inspection and management. 

3. Training Requirements

With the concept of lifelong learning and comprehensive vocational ability, and the spirit of team and cooperation, the students can get engaged in the textile inspection, textile and garment trade, textile production and management in the textile production enterprise, textile testing unit, textile and garment trade company. At last, they possess the ability to practice, innovate, get employed, and start up business.

4. Main Courses

Organic chemistry, fundamentals of analytical chemistry, commodity introduction, analysis of textile fiber materials, clothing fabric, economics foundation, Introduction to management science, economic law, consumer psychology, marketing, business etiquette, training courses, graduation practice

5. Employment Prospects

The graduates mainly get engaged in production technology management, import and export trade, textile and garment testing in the department of production, sales and inspection of clothing manufacturing enterprises, import and export companies and textile testing and technical supervision organizations. 


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Wenzhou Medical University

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