Engineering Degree Program in China - Nonwoven Materials and Engineering

1. Introduction

Nonwoven Materials and Engineering is a interdisciplinary and practical program. The basic knowledge of nonwoven materials and engineering, practical teaching, product development, sense of innovation, are very important for learning this program. “Nonwoven engineering and technology”, and “design and application of nonwoven products" are the two research directions of the program of nonwoven materials and engineering. 

In terms of technology development, the international nonwoven technology and equipment have achieved new development, fully using the modern high-tech to update and improve production equipment and technology, which have made much progress in the functions, speed, efficiency. 

In the development of raw materials, it has developed polymer chip used for non-woven fabrics, differentiated fibers, functional fibers, and biodegradable "green products" through continuous hard-working.

The improvement of technology equipment and the innovation of raw material have enlarged the products application field. Many new products with unique styles and excellent functions have replaced the traditional textile products through the technology of coating, laminating and so on.

2. Main Courses

Nonwoven material and engineering, nonwoven cloth, nonwoven, nonwoven product development, nonwoven products and applications, nonwoven engineering design, nonwoven products quality and detection, polymer physics and chemistry, functional fiber and its application, composite materials, textile materials.

Probability theory and mathematical statistics, fundamentals of mechanical design, electrical and electronic technology, principle and application of microcomputer, nonwoven chemistry and experiment, non-woven binder and additives, non-woven principle, non-woven fabric performance testing, nonwoven product development and marketing, enterprise management concept on economic and technical analysis, mechanical and electrical drive control, programming controller and application of the principle of fluid mechanics, non-woven equipment, bio chemical, nonwoven products application and quality standards, textile e-commerce, international trade and Practice, product design practice 

3. Training Requirements

The program trains senior talents with the basic knowledge and theory of textile and materials science, who can adapt to the rapid development of modern new material, and can be engaged in the scientific research, technology development, equipment design, environmental protection, domestic and foreign trade, product design, new product development, engineering application, marketing and management in the field of nonwoven materials and products manufacturing. 

4. Employment Prospects

The graduates can be engaged in the product development, equipment design and production, technology management, business and trade, quality inspection in the field of nonwoven materials, and they can also work in the enterprise for textile trade, government department, commodity inspection and customs, scientific research institutes.


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