Engineering Degree Program in China - Instrument and Meter Engineering

1. Introduction

Instrument and Meter Engineering is integrated engineering field of detection measurement, monitoring and control, equipment and technology, which provides important material and technical support for human society. It is engineering field mainly obtaining information with knowledge intensive, technology intensive, wide aperture, wide coverage. Instruments and meters is an important tool for human to obtain information, understand nature and transform nature.

2. Training Objectives

Instrument and Meter Engineering program trains application-typed, compound-typed senior engineering and technical personnel and engineering management personnel with solid foundation, comprehensive quality, strong practice ability and innovation ability.

3. Knowledge Structure

By studying advanced engineering mathematics, physics, chemistry, bio engineering and other courses, improve the scientific thinking and logical reasoning ability. Students can use the language of mathematics and physics methods describing the practical engineering problems. Establishing an appropriate mathematical model, using the necessary calculation software, for science and engineering analysis and calculation and mainly improve the ability of practical application.

By studying the working principle, composition, design, manufacture, control, maintenance and development front of the instrument and meter, grasp the specialized knowledge of the system in this field. Through the practical application, master the necessary methods and techniques of trail, analysis, testing, measurement and calculation and master the knowledge of various standards and safety production.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1. Systematically master the basic knowledge and theory, advanced technology and modern technology in the field of instrument and meter engineering;

2. Having the ability to solve the engineering problems of instrument and meter engineering or having ability of engineering design, engineering implementation, engineering research, engineering development and engineering management in a certain direction in this field;

3. Understanding of the technical status and development trends in the field of instrument and meter engineering;

4. To master the methods and techniques of experiment, analysis, measurement and calculation of engineering problems in the field of instrument and meter engineering.

5. Main Courses

Digital testing technology, sensor and measurement technology, advanced electronic circuit, photoelectric testing technology, modern control engineering, precision instruments modern design method, image processing and image measurement, foundation of intelligent instrument design, dynamic measurement and modeling, reliability technology and application, modern non-electric quantity detection technology

6. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can go into various departments in the national economy for the field of measurement and control of technology, equipment and systems design and manufacture, technology development, application research, operation management, and other aspects of the work.


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