Engineering Degree Program in China - Intelligence Science and Technology

1. Introduction

Intelligence Science and Technology is mainly engaged in the research and teaching of machine perception, intelligent robot, intelligent information processing and machine learning. Intelligence science and technology involves robot technology, intelligent system based on new generation of network computing, MEMS, all kinds of intelligent technology and system related to national economy, industrial production and daily life and new generation of man-machine system technology.

2. Training Objectives

Intelligence science and technology programs trains senior engineering and technical personnel who can work for researching, development, management of intelligent technology and engineering in the field of intelligence science and technology with wide knowledge, strong adaptability and modern scientific innovation consciousness. These personnel have ability of information acquisition, transmission, processing, optimization, control, organization, and completing system integration based on science and technology knowledge of computer technology, automatic control technology, intelligent system method, and sensing information processing; have ability of corresponding engineering implementation capacity.

3. Training Requirements

Intelligence science and technology pay attention to train students to have a good scientific research literacy and technology application ability with basic knowledge of computer science and technology. The core of intelligence science and technology is strengthening theory and application technology of intelligence science and technology; the goal of intelligence science and technology is promoting coordinated development of students' knowledge, ability and quality.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master basic theory and knowledge of intelligence science and technology;

2) Master basic skills of computer technology;

3) Master knowledge of using and maintenance of artificial intelligence instruments and meters;

4) Understand development trends and advanced technology of intelligence science and technology;

5) With the ability to search and collect information.

5. Main Courses

Introduction of intelligence science and technology(including brain science, life science and cognitive science), artificial intelligence principle, intelligent robots, intelligent game, virtual reality technology, pattern recognition, data mining, simulation modeling and MATLAB, natural language processing, intelligent information acquisition technology, intellectual management

6. Practical Teaching

Courses practice and graduation thesis

7. Employment Prospects

Graduates can directly be engaged in research work in the field of intelligent information processing and computer science in colleges and universities, scientific research units and enterprises’ research center; be engaged in research and development work of intelligent systems and computer engineering in foreign companies, IT companies and other large companies.


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