Port Logistics Management Program in China

1. Introduction

Port Logistics Management program trains senior engineering and technical personnel with knowledge of modern logistics and strong ability of logistics operation. Mastering basic principles and methods of modern port logistics management and being familiar with business and technology of port transportation, warehousing and distribution, these personnel can be engaged in work of planning, management and logistics information in field of port logistics management using modern information methods skillfully.

2. Training Requirements

Students have ability of operation and management of port logistics value added service; possess capability of port logistics quality management; have ability of goods transportation agency and logistics information management.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) Have ability to solve problems and learn new skills and knowledge; 

2) With strong skills of verbal and written communication, interpersonal communication and social communication;

3) With ability of independent innovation; propose optimization solutions based on mastering skills of port logistics.

4. Main Courses

Introduction of port logistics, port and waterway transportation business management, port enterprise operation and management, port logistics warehousing and distribution, logistics transportation organization and management, information system of logistics management, international freight forwarding agency, international container transport and multimodal transport

5. Employment Prospects

The graduates can work in port logistics center, port enterprises, freight transportation enterprise and professional logistics enterprises, engaged in work of planning and management of port logistics system, business of marine cargo, container business, insurance and customs clearance.


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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