Publishing and Issuing Program in China

1. Introduction

Publishing and Issuing refers to the publishing and issuing of books, periodicals, newspapers, audio and video products, etc.


Introduction of publishing, introduction of book publishing, marketing psychology, marketing of books, books classification and catalogue, audio and video issuing, publicity art of books, books and proofreading, e-commerce and online bookstore, copyright trade, etc.

3. Practical Teaching

Book-selling training, exhibition training of books and periodicals, market research,   storage and transportation of publications, etc.

4. Training Objectives

Publishing and issuing program trains senior management talents who can be engaged in marketing development, marketing and issuing, editing and publishing of publications.

5. Training Requirement

Publishing and issuing program trains application-oriented talents who is familiar with the link of the production and issuing of publications, with strong market survey and analysis ability and computer information processing ability, be proficient in copyright matters, with strong operation ability of publication marketing and issuing. There are publishing accounting minor course offered to train advanced comprehensive talents who have both the ability of publication and financial management and accounting operations.

6. Ability

Students will get the ability of market exploitation and marketing of publications.

7. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in marketing, editing, publishing in all kinds of publishing houses, newspapers and periodicals offices, bookstores, etc.


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