Engineering Degree Program in China - Urban Gas Engineering Technology

1. Introduction

Urban Gas Engineering Technology trains advanced applied and specialized talents who can be engaged in gas production.

2. Practical Teaching

Training of gas pipeline installation skills, training of operation and management of gas pipeline network, training of operation and management of liquefied gas station, training of gas engineering supervision, training of computer drawing, engineering survey practice, study tour in gas related enterprises, main curriculum design, graduation internship, etc. 

3. Training Requirement

Urban Gas Engineering Technology trains advanced applied and specialized talents who have got basic training in urban gas engineering technology, have necessary basic theory and professional knowledge, have basic skills in the field of urban gas transmission and distribution, and can be engaged in construction, marketing and management of urban transportation and distribution engineering and gas gathering and transportation engineering.

4. Knowledge and Skills

Gas engineering construction and its organization, gas and gas equipment testing, engineering design and other professional skills.

5. Certificate

Qualification certificates of gas production worker, gas transmission and distribution worker, gas pipeline installation worker, construction worker, estimators, quality inspectors, surveyor and computer certificate. 

6. Major Courses

Manufacturing technology of gas, gas supply, gas appliances,safety management of liquefied petroleum gas, operation and maintenance of gas system, gas vehicle and gas filling stations, gas air-conditioning technology, construction technology of gas engineering, budget, construction, organization and management of gas engineering, mechanical drawing, engineering measurement, electrician and electric equipment, higher mathematics, electrical and electronic technology, theoretical mechanics, etc.

7. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in operation and management of gas system, gas production and purification, production and marketing of burning equipment, gas application and management, construction, supervision, design of gas engineering in all kinds of gas company, gas production enterprises, burning equipment manufacturing enterprises, gas use units, engineering construction enterprises, supervision companies, design institutes and other units.


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