Engineering Degree Program in China - Printing Engineering

1. Introduction

Printing Engineering program trains advanced technical personnel who have the basic knowledge of information processing, printing and copying, can be engaged in process design, production implementation, organization and management, and scientific research in all kinds of printing enterprises and scientific research units.

2. Training Requirement

Students mainly study basic theory and knowledge of science and technology of color, processing technology of image and text, printing technology and material suitability analysis, quality detection and control, and digital media technology; students should master the basic principles, methods and skills of planning, design, production, management of print media, and have the ability to plan, design and communicate print media and digital media.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1). students should master the basic theory and basic knowledge of printing optics, printing color, electronic publishing technology, printing technology, printing materials and printing equipment, etc.;

2). students should master the basic technology of design and operation of printing process;

3). students should have the basic ability to select, test and use the printing equipment and materials;

4). students should have the ability to inspect and control the quality of printing product, organize and manage production, etc.;

5). students should have initial ability of research and development of new technology and new materials;

6). students should master the basic method of document retrieval, data query, with the preliminary ability of doing scientific research and practical work.

4. Main Subjects

Printing engineering, computer science and technology, information and communication engineering, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering.

5. Main Courses

Introduction of printing, color science, theory and application of color management, information acquisition and output technology, principle and technology of prepress, principle and process of printing, fundamentals of materials science, materials and technology of information recording, display materials and technology, printing materials and its printability, digital image processing, computer graphics, management of digital content, page description language, printing equipment,  integrated printing system of computer, information and information code, communication and information system.

6. Practical Teaching

Experimental courses, curriculum design, internship, graduation design, project research, academic competition, science and technology lectures and social practice. Internship includes cognitive practice, comprehensive practice and production practice.

7. Similar Majors

Food science and engineering, light chemical engineering, packaging engineering, printing engineering, textile engineering, cloth design and engineering, grape and wine engineering, food quality and safety, chemical engineering and science.

8. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in text editing, graphic layout, layout design, quality monitoring of publication, cost accounting of publication, printing business management, network editing and checking, production, organization management of publications in press, periodical press, newspaper office, culture development departments of large enterprises, book and publishing studio, websites, publishing companies, advertising companies, etc., or be engaged in editing and publishing, publicity planning of manuscript. 


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