Custom Clearance and International Transportation Program in China

1. Introduction

Custom Clearance and International Transportation program trains high-quality application-oriented personnel with basic theory and practical knowledge of custom clearance and international transportation. These personnel are familiar with rules of international business and master professional skills in the field of "big clearance" system combined with logistics, business flow, information flow and capital flow.

2. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master basic knowledge of computer, mathematics and professional computer knowledge related to custom clearance and international transportation

2) Master basic knowledge of international business, western economics, enterprise logistics management, international trade, custom declaration practice, documents for international trade, inspection practices, and international marketing

3) Master knowledge of custom clearance, goods transportation, documents verification, e-commerce, commodity inspection, and commodity classification.

4) Have strong operational capability of operation of customs declaration, and ability for customs clearance, documents audit, and payment settlement.

5) Have ability of planning of international transportation, supply organization, analysis and decision-making, reasonable planning and profitability analysis.

6) Have ability to analyze and solve practical problems using new technologies and new methods with existing resources and current information in custom clearance and international transportation.

3. Main Courses

Foreign correspondence, international trade, custom clearance practices, introduction to customs, commodity classification, import and export commodity inspection, international cargo agency, application of e-commerce in international trade, international trade documents, international transportation, international transportation insurance

4. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in work of customs clearance, transportation of goods, supply organizations, foreign sales, and warehouse management in customs clearance department, foreign trade enterprises, import and export companies, customs, transportation company, and logistics companies, large enterprises, especially international freight forwarding company.


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