Engineering Degree Program in China - Fire Fighting Engineering

1. Introduction

Fire Fighting Engineering is a comprehensive subject. It is not only relates to various natural science such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, mechanics, electronics, architecture, information, psychology, physiology, but also relates to many humanities and social sciences such as law, economics, philosophy, management science, pedagogy and calamity study. 

2. Training Requirement

Students should master the basic scientific theory systematically, have solid academic background, with basic technical skills of drawing, operation, experiment, testing required in this major, with strong computer application and management skills, and with preliminary capability of new technology research and development.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1). students will master the basic theory and knowledge of fire fighting engineering, civil engineering, safety engineering and management science;

2). students will master all kinds of fire control technology, measures and technical supervision skills;

3). students will have the ability to monitor and manage fire fighting engineering, to carry out fire fighting and rescue, and to manage troops;

4). students will be familiar with the principles, policies and regulations of fire supervision and fire fighting;

5). students will understand the domestic and international application prospects of the subject;

6). students will master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have the ability of doing practical work and scientific research.

4. Main Subjects

Civil engineering, chemical engineering and technology, management science and engineering.

5. Main Courses

Engineering mechanics, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, fire chemistry, engineering fluid mechanics, drawing geometry and engineering drawing, electrical and electronic technology, fire burning, engineering thermodynamics and heat transfer,  water supply and drainage, housing architecture, fire prevention design, fire prevention regulations, theory and engineering application of fire fighting, fire extinguishing technology, fire risk assessment, fire rescue,  investigation methods and identification of fire disaster, nano flame-retarded materials, fire fighting engineering, etc.

6. Practical Teaching

Main practical courses include cognition practice, experiment, simulation exercises, teaching visiting practice, graduation practice, etc., the arrangement generally for 35 weeks.

7. Similar Majors

Criminal science and technology, fire fighting engineering, Security and alarm engineering, traffic management engineering, NBC fire fighting engineering

8. Employment Direction

Graduates mainly be engaged in fire management or command of fire rescue in public fire security units and enterprises and institutions.


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