Exploration Technology and Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Exploration Technology and Engineering trains advanced and specialized personnel who have the ability of engineering technology application, comprehensive developed, with healthy personality, sense of innovation and entrepreneurship, solid exploration technology, and basic knowledge of geotechnical engineering, with capacity for engineering practice, and be qualified to be a geotechnical engineer.

2. Training Requirement

Students mainly study the basic theoretical knowledge of basic geology, geophysics, engineering geology and geological engineering, then get the primary ability to engage in resource geological exploration, and get the basic ability to solve common geological engineering problems.

3. Knowledge and Ability:

1). Students will master geophysical exploration technology such as seismic exploration, electrical prospecting, magnetic prospecting, gravity exploration, basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of geochemical exploration and remote sensing technology, common methods and techniques of engineering and environmental geophysical prospecting, and basic skills in research and development of mineral resources and energy exploration;

2). Students will know about the general principles and knowledge of similar majors such as geology, resource exploration engineering, mechanics, mathematics, etc.

3). Students will have the knowledge and ability to comprehensively analyze,  survey and design engineering, design construction, construct geotechnical engineering, improve rock and soil, and can make objective analysis and judgment of geological phenomenon; 

4). Students will be familiar with policies and regulations about the mineral resources, engineering survey, construction projects; 

5). Students will know about new technology and development trend of resource exploration and engineering survey at home and abroad; 

6). Students will master the basic method of data query and document retrieval, using modern information technology to obtain information related to resource exploration and engineering survey; with the ability to sort and analyze experimental results, write papers, and participate in academic exchanges.

4. Main Subjects

Geology, geophysical exploration, drilling technology and equipment, basic engineering and construction, geochemical exploration, engineering geology, etc.

5. Main Courses

Engineering mechanics, geology, analysis principle of engineering geology, engineering geology investigation, rock and soil mechanics, rock and soil drilling engineering, geotechnical engineering design and construction, geotechnical reinforcement and governance, detection technology of rock and soil engineering, geotechnical engineering machinery, construction project management of geotechnical engineering, hydrological geology, environmental engineering geology, etc.

6. Similar Majors

Civil engineering, resource exploration engineering, port channel and ocean engineering.

7. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in cientific research, teaching, technology development and management of engineering investigation and resource exploration in scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning or technical and administrative departments.

8. Practice Teaching

Internship, graduation thesis or design, etc.


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