Engineering Degree Program in China - Resource Exploration Engineering

1. Introduction

Resource Exploration Engineering refers to geology, technology, economy and environment in the whole process of evaluation and exploration of mineral resources. It meets the need of sustainable development of mineral resources, and is a comprehensive and applied major which is combied with geological theory, exploration technology, mining economy and environment, and policies and regulations about mining, etc.

2. Knowledge and Skills

1). Students will master the basic theory and knowledge of basic geology;

2). Students wil master the indoor and outdoor working methods of regional geological survey, mineral resources survey and exploration;

3). Students will have the preliminary ability to comprehensively analyze and research on regional geology, mineral deposit geology, mineralization geological conditions, mineral distribution etc., have the ability to give geological interpretation and apply the results got by modern exploration methods such as geophysical exploration and geochemical exploration to practice;

4). Students will be familiar with policies and laws relating to mineral resources and environment;

5). Students will know about the theoretical frontier of modern geology and the development trend of modern resource exploration technology;

6). Students will master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have the ability of doing scientific research and practical work.

3. Training Requirement

Students mainly study basic theory and basic knowledge of basic geology, geological application, modern resource exploration technology, etc., get basic training of resource geological survey, mineral exploration working indoors and outdoors, and have the basic ability to comprehensively analyze the geology and mineral geological features, mineral distribution and industrial value of the reseach area, carry on resource evaluation and management of mineral resources.

4. Main Subjects

Geological resources and geological engineering

5. Major Courses

Mineralogy and petrology, paleontology and stratigraphy, structural geology, deposit, energy geology, resources exploration science, applied geophysics, applied geochemistry, resource management and evaluation.

6. Practical Teaching

Practical courses include cognition practice, geological mapping practice, production practice, graduation practice and graduation design (Thesis), the general arrangement is for 34 weeks.

7. Employment Direction

Students can choose to work in two fields after graduation, one is solid mineral exploration, another one is petroleum and natural gas geological exploration. Graduates can be engaged in researching and teaching in relevant scientific research institutions or colleges and universities, or be engaged in resource exploration in enterprises and institutions, and choose to be a geological engineer, pre-construction manager, geological prospecting personnel, geophysical prospecting personnel, geophysical energy mining personnel, senior geological engineer, geological prospecting engineer, technical engineer, sales engineer, general manager, hydrological and geological engineer, mining engineer, etc.


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