Engineering Degree Program in China - Flight Technology

1. Introduction

Flight Technology program trains senior flight technical personnel with basic knowledge of aerodynamics, flight mechanics, flight performance and operating principle. These personnel can be engaged in work of aviation flight in civil aviation company and should meet standard for driver's license of international civil aviation flight and requirement of operation and management.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory and knowledge of flight performance, control principle and structure of modern transport aircraft; receive basic training related to flight technology, such as recognition and application of various navigation map, transport communications and air navigation; have basic ability of flight in civil aviation.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master basic theory and knowledge of flight performance, operation principle, aircraft engine and aircraft maintenance;

2) Master basic technology of modern flying;

3) With capability of flight of civil aviation routes and air navigation;

4)Be familiar with relevant laws and regulations of aviation control and flight safety;

5) Know dynamic development of flight technology;

6) Master basic methods of document retrieval and data query and have ability of scientific research and practical work.

4. Main Subjects

Flight technology, aviation engine

5. Main Courses

Principle of flight, aircraft construction, aviation engine, mechanical equipment, automatic flight, air navigation, aviation meteorology, maintenance engineering, engine maintenance, system maintenance, aerodynamics, flight mechanics, flight safety, flight crew resource management, aviation sports

6. Practical Teaching

Primary flight training, advanced flight training, maintenance practice

7. Program Experiment

Electrical and electronic experiments, experiment of aero engine assembly and disassembly, simulation operation experiment of civil aviation aircraft

8. Similar Programs

Transportation, traffic engineering, marine technology, marine engineering, transportation equipment information engineering, maritime management, logistics engineering, aerospace transport and control, transportation construction and equipment

9. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can be engaged in Pilot


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Wenzhou Medical University

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