Flavor and Fragrance Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Flavor and Fragrance Technology program trains advanced technical personnel who have basic knowledge and basic skills necessary for the process of flavors and fragrances, can be engaged in flavor synthesis and flavor blending, production and application of daily chemical products, development, production and technology management of new products.

2. Core Competencies

Flavor synthesis and blending

3. Curriculum and Practical Courses

Spice analysis, spices production and equipment, basic knowledge of spices, synthetic fragrances technology, production of commonly used synthetic fragrances, flavor blending technology, perfuming products technology, natural spices and processing, spices analysis and detection technology, technological design of spices production equipment, metalworking practice, skill training of spices blending and making, skill training of spices adding, graduation practice, etc.

4. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in production of flavor and fragrance, flavor blending and making, development, production, technology management of new product in spices, natural spices, daily chemical products, cigarettes, food, detergent manufacturing enterprises.



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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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