Engineering Degree Program in China - Thermal Engineering

1. Introduction

Thermal Engineering mainly studies reasonable, efficient, clean ways of utilization and conversion of energy (focusing on thermal energy); studies and develops new energy-saving technology, new energy-saving process, new equipment and new materials, which lay the foundation of scientific theory and engineering technology for development of efficient energy-saving products and elimination of inefficient, high energy consuming products.

2. Research Directions

1/. Industrial thermal equipment engineering primary researches theory and practical engineering problems in industrial thermal equipment structure and control; improve the equipment structure and optimize the operation, and develop a new type of industrial thermal equipment with high efficiency and energy saving. 

2/. Industrial thermal process theory and technology mainly studies process of flow, heat transfer and mass transfer process; establish the mathematical model of the thermal process, and improve the process, which lay necessary foundation of optimization of process parameters and the development of new technology.

3/. Fuel and high efficiency clean combustion technology mainly studies the nature of the fuel, the change of fuel, the reasonable combustion of fuel, the development of new efficient and low pollution combustion device, reasonable organization of the combustion process.

4/. Industrial thermal systems engineering mainly studies Connection between industrial thermal equipment room and working procedure room and development; organize the logistics and energy flow and optimize the production process. From the enterprise as a whole, study energy structure, rational use of energy and make use of waste heat and recycling. 

5/. Thermal power plant and combustion process mainly studies clean combustion of solid fuel and the economical operation mode of circulating fluidized bed boiler, boiler and low emission of combustion process.


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