Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering is to formulate reasonable development scheme about oil and gas fields with industrial value from the actual situation and the production laws of oil and gas fields based on detailed exploration results and necessary production development test, and on the basis of comprehensive study to carry on oil and gas field construction and put into production, so that the oil and gas fields produce for a long time until the end of development according to the predetermined production capacity and economic effect.

Oil and natural gas are non renewable one-time strategic resources, how to improve the level of proven reserves is a key link in the efficient development of oil and gas resources. The development project of oil and gas fields mainly involves geology, geophysical prospecting, drilling, oil production, oil reservoir, storage and transportation, economy, management, water and electricity, civil engineering and so on.

2. Research Directions

1) Theory and application of oil and gas seepage flow

2) Oil and gas field development theory and system engineering

3) Theory and technology of oil production engineering

4) Enhance oil recovery and oil production chemistry

5) Theory and technology of unconventional oil and gas energy exploitation

3. Main Tasks

According to the geological characteristics of different types of oil and gas reservoirs, the reasonable development plan and exploiting measures are formulated and implemented in order to realize the efficient exploitation of oil and gas reservoirs. At present, the development of oil and gas field has developed into a comprehensive industrial sector with the application of modern advanced science and technology and equipment, which is an important part of the whole petroleum industry.

4. Basic Content

The basic content is to study effective oil drive mechanism and driving mode, to predict future dynamics, to put forward the methods and techniques that improve the development effect in order to achieve the purpose of improving oil recovery based on the reservoir description establishing geological models and reservoir engineering model. It can be summarized as the following aspects:

1) The early evaluation and development feasibility study of oil and gas field, can also make a number of development test designs (also called pilot test), to provide the basis for the comprehensive development of oil and gas fields;

2) Development and design and of oil and gas fields and the total development, its main content is oil and gas reservoir description, to choose reasonable mining method, reasonable division of development layer series, well pattern arrangement, to determine the reasonable development speed of oil and gas field and production level, using oil and gas reservoir numerical simulation methods to calculate various development plans, determine the oil and gas field drilling technology and well logging technology, combining with ground facilities, a comprehensive analysis and comparison of technical and economic indexes, choose the best development plan, formulate detailed implementation rules;

3) The partial or overall adjustment of the scheme, etc.

5. Training Objectives

The students are required to have solid mathematical basis and necessary basic theory and deep expertise of geology, reservoir engineering, and systematically master the basic theory and method of oil and gas field development project, to be able to apply the knowledge to conduct deep study and exploration on the problems existing in the theory and technology of oil and gas field development engineering. The students should understand the discipline development trend and research frontier, with the ability of independently conducting scientific research; can use related test equipment and skillfully use computer, with the ability of applying development theory and comprehensive technology to put forward countermeasures for rational development, after graduation, the students will be qualified for the teaching, scientific research and technology management work of the program or similar programs.

6. Employment Prospects

The graduates can work in oil companies or related to oil and gas companies, petroleum exploration and development research and planning institutions, colleges and universities and other research units and oilfield services and project construction units engaged in the engineering design, research and management in the fields of oil and gas reservoir engineering, well completion and oil and gas well test, oil, gas production and engineering, oil and gas reservoir increase production, oil and gas reservoir protection.


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