Transportation Equipment and Control Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Transportation Equipment and Control Engineering program trains senior engineering and technical personnel with professional knowledge in field of electronic technology, control technology, and computer technology and with basic knowledge and application ability in traffic equipment and information engineering, and mechanical and electrical technology. These personnel who can meet the needs of transport equipment construction and scientific development can be engaged in work of design and manufacturing of transportation equipment, technology development, maintenance, application research, operation and management.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory of mathematics and computer knowledge; master theory and practical technology of traffic engineering and intelligent transportation system with strong skills in analysis and problem solving.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) With solid foundation of knowledge of natural science and human art and social science;

2) Master technical theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of transportation equipment and mechanical and electrical system design;

3) Master structural performance and design method of whole vehicle equipment, mechanical and electrical system, part equipment, and component equipment; master technical methods for manufacturing maintenance; have ability of fault diagnosis, detection and application;

4) Master basic knowledge and skills of electrical and electronic technology and computer science required by transportation equipment and control engineering; systematically master knowledge of mechanical and electrical system information and control technology of traffic equipment; have the ability to solve the problem of mechatronics;

5) With ability to design, manufacture and manage traffic equipment by using computer technology and control technology.

6) Have ability for necessary experiment and literature search; understand new trends and development of science and technology in transportation equipment and the control engineering;

7) With ability of research, development, organization and management of 

new technology and new equipment of transportation equipment and the control engineering;

8) Have ability to engage in scientific research with strong sense of innovation obtaining new knowledge;

9) Have good engineering practice ability, innovation ability and high comprehensive quality.

4. Main Courses

Graphics of computer engineering, theoretical mechanics, mechanics of materials, mechanical design, digital electronic technology, control engineering, testing technology and signal processing, fluid drive and control, CAD / CAM technology, vehicle engineering, information manufacturing engineering, urban rail transportation equipment

5. Practical Teaching

Course practice and graduation practice

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in work of transportation equipment design and manufacture, scientific and technological development, maintenance, application research, operation and management.


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