Engineering Degree Program in China - Energy Storage

1. Introduction

Energy storage is mainly refers to the electric energy storage. The energy storage is also a noun in the oil reservoir, which represents the ability of the reservoir to store oil and gas.

2. Energy Storage Method

1) Battery energy storage: using lead-acid battery in high power occasion, mainly used for emergency power supply, battery car, power plant surplus energy storage. Use dry cell which can be repeated charging in small power occasion, such as Ni-MH battery, and Lithium-ion battery.

2) Inductor energy storage: inductor is a storage element in itself; the stored electric energy is proportional to the square of the current of the inductor and the flow of its own.

3) Capacitor energy storage: capacitor is a kind of energy storage element, and the stored electric energy is proportional to the square of the capacitance and the terminal voltage of the capacitor.

4) Mechanical energy storage.

3. Development of Energy Storage Industry

1) The rapid development of wind power photovoltaic industry will promote the development of large capacity energy storage industry.

2) The development of new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles, is conducive to the development of power battery energy storage industry.


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