Engineering Degree Program in China - Digital Media Technology

1. Introduction

Digital Media Technology mainly includes scene design, role image design, game programming, multimedia post-processing, and human-computer interaction technology. This program is mainly set for game development, web design and creative design. Digital media technology is a kind of technology that comprehensively deals with information such as characters, sound, graphics, and images by means of modern computing and communication, so abstract information can be perceived, manageable, and interactive. Digital media technology mainly research theory, method, technology and system of digital media information acquisition, processing, storage, communication, management, security, output and so on.

2. Training Objectives

Digital media technology program trains compound and high-quality personnel with solid basic theory of digital media technology, and with strong ability of logical thinking and program development and strong practice skills of game creation. They should be familiar with the development trend of related industries; with advanced game design concepts, and ideas, be familiar with a variety of game types and game design process. These personnel can be engaged in game programming, game numerical and logical planning and game project management work.

3. Training Requirements

Students with good foundation of digital media technology and art in digital media technology program can carry on the design of the digital media work and master the foundation of the digital media production; have strong capabilities in digital media software system development. With rich art sense, students need to have solid technical support for studying and application of digital media technology.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1). Systematically master the basic theory, knowledge and skills of digital media technology; understand the scientific frontier and development trends f digital media technology.

2) Master basic theory of animation design and have the ability to carry out 2D and 3D animation design and creation using software.

3) Master the basic technology of development of the interactive multimedia website, and have the ability to develop interactive multimedia website with rich function.

4) Master the basic theory and method of digital film and television technology, and digital film and television production technology; can produce digital film and television works skillfully using shooting, editing, special effects production and other techniques .

5) Understand property rights protection of digital products and related laws and regulations; be familiar with relevant theories and methods of digital media product development and management.

5. Main Courses

Audio-visual language, film editing, animation creation, computer graphics, game engine principle and applications, mobile platform game development ,game creation, photography technology, art design basis, introduction of digital media technology, program design, database design, web design and production, interactive multimedia web site development, digital signal processing, data structure, algorithm design and analysis, object oriented programming (Java), computer graphics and image processing, human-computer interaction technology, multimedia database

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in digital media technology film, games and entertainment, publishing, books, and news work in the field of culture media industry; can go into institutions of higher learning, television station and Ddgital media software development and product design enterprises; can be engaged in multimedia information collection, editing and other aspects of the technical work as well as the development and production work of multimedia products in fields of radio and television, advertising and other information media; can be engaged in  operation, management and maintenance work of computer network and multimedia information system and operation and maintenance work of audio and video equipment in enterprises and institutions, and schools. 


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