Engineering Degree Program in China - Composite Materials and Engineering

1. Introduction

Composite Materials and Engineering program involves in materials science, chemistry and physics disciplines, is a very promising new interdisciplinary, mainly training specialized talents with the basic theory, professional knowledge and the experiment skills of composite materials and engineering, to adapt to the trend of modern material science technology development, master frontier development information of composite materials discipline, can be engaged in defense, aerospace, automotive, chemical, energy and other key industries for scientific research, technology development, material design, product design, process design, operation and management at composite materials and engineering field.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic knowledge of materials science and engineering, basic theory and basic knowledge of composite materials and engineering, the knowledge basis of composite molding process and equipment, basic skills of the structure design of the composite materials.

3. Main Courses

Composite principles of materials, composite materials science, composite material technology equipment, introduction to material science, experimental technique of composite materials, polymer chemistry and physics, polymer physics, mechanical drawing, thermal basis and equipment, composite material technology, composite materials polymer basis, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, university physics, inorganic chemistry, modern testing technology application in composite materials, material surface and interface, etc.

4. Knowledge and Skills

1). Master the properties of the composite matrix and reinforced materials;

2). Master the basic knowledge of composite products processing technology and equipment and basic skills of composite products forming;

3). Master the micro mechanism of the interface of composite materials;

4). with basic abilities of composite structure design and preliminary ability of new product development;

5). Grasp the modern testing and analysis tools of structure and properties;

6). with strong ability of computer synthesis.

5. Practice Teaching

Operating computer, advanced mathematics experiments, engineering training, organic chemistry experiments, physical and chemical experiments, materials science experiments, composite materials large craft experiment, production practice, graduation practice, graduation thesis, etc.

6. Program Experiments

Polymer physics experiment, polymer chemistry experiment, preparation of composite materials and processing experiment, material property test experiment, etc.

7. Similar Programs

Materials chemistry, metallurgy engineering, metal material engineering, inorganic non metallic materials engineering, polymer materials and engineering, materials science and engineering, welding technology and engineering, gem and material technology, powder, renewable resources, science and technology, rare earth engineering, nonwoven materials and engineering

8. Program Characteristics

The program pays attention to the basic theory of mathematics, mechanics and materials science, and pays attention to the training of students' engineering ability, and the international practice of teaching content. The curriculum is based on the combination of basic theory and engineering, natural science education and cultural quality education, combining theory with practice.

9. Employment Prospects

The students after graduation can be engaged in composite materials related automotive, construction, electrical, electronic, aerospace, national defense, information communication, light industry, chemical engineering enterprises and companies as engineering researchers, engineers and marketing management personnel, can be engaged in design, research and development, analysis, production, testing, evaluation, marketing, management, and other work; can also be engaged in institutions of higher learning, research and design institute for teaching and research work.


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