Information Engineering Program in China taught in English

1. Introduction

Information Engineering is based on integrated circuit technology and modern computer technology, a program of the research of information processing theory, technology and engineering. The program is centered on researching the application technology of information system and control system, the general technology of applying the principle of information science into the practice of industrial and agricultural production. The students mainly study various types of analog and digital information transmission process, information acquisition and processing technology, protocol, transportation security and so on, with the basic ability of designing and debugging communication network, with the basic ability of the design of information electronic collection system, information processing and network security design.

2. Training Objectives

The program trains senior engineering and technical personnel who have the knowledge of information acquisition, transmission, processing and utilization, engaged in the research, design, integration and manufacturing of information systems in the information industry and other sectors of the national economy. The program covers the contents of electronic information and optoelectronic information engineering and remote sensing information engineering and others. 

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory and knowledge of information science and technology, receive the basic training of the analysis and design of information systems, with the basic ability of design, development, integration and application of information system.

4. Knowledge and Ability

(1) Master the basic theory and knowledge of information science and technology

(2) Master the method of analysis and design of information system

(3) With the basic ability of design, development and integration of information systems

(4) Understand the principles, policies and regulations of the information industry

(5) Understand the development of information science and technology

(6) Master the methods of document retrieval and data query, with the ability of scientific research and practice

5. Main Subjects

Information and communication engineering, computer science and technology, electronic science and technology

6. Main Courses

Circuit, electronic technology, signal and system, electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave, Automatic control principle, Computer courses, Communication  courses, signal processing courses, automatic control courses

7. Practical Teaching

It includes computer training, curriculum design, the practice of information systems, production practice, graduation design. Teaching time is more than 30 weeks.

Students need to carry out minimum one experiment, such as the experiment of principles of communication systems.

8. Similar Major

Microelectronics, automation, electronic information engineering, communication engineering, computer science and technology, electronic science and technology, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering and automation, information technology, software engineering, network engineering, art technology, information display and optoelectronic technology, integrated circuit design and integrated system, photoelectric information engineering, engineering, radio and television electrical and information engineering, computer software, power engineering and intelligent management, science and technology, digital media arts, computer science and technology, detection guidance and control technology, electrical engineering and automation, digital media technology, information and communication engineering, electrical and intelligent building, electromagnetic field and wireless technology.

9. Employment field

In terms of industrial electrical engineering and related to motion control, industrial process control, electrical engineering, power electronics technology, detection and automatic instrument, in the field of electronic and computer technology and engaged in engineering design, systems analysis, system operation, development and development, economic management, etc..


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