Engineering Degree Program in China - Industrial Engineering

1. Introduction

Industrial Engineering is an applied engineering technology developing on the basis of scientific management. Industrial engineering is a discipline that conducts design, improvement and implementation of the integration system consisting of human, material, equipment, energy and information. It comprehensively applies specialized knowledge and technology of mathematics, physics and social science, combining with the principle and method of engineering analysis and design, make confirm, prediction and evaluation to achieved results by the system.

The subject mainly takes production process as the research objects to improve labor productivity, ensure quality and reduce cost, especially focuses on the study of human factors, and give full play to the role of investment resources. In recent years, logistics engineering, virtual manufacturing, enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resource management has become a hot spot in the field.

2. Consciousness

IE awareness is the product of the practice of IE, it is the guiding principle and the thought method to the IE application. Major IE awareness includes the following aspects:

1) The cost and efficiency consciousness

2) Problems and reform consciousness

3) Work simplification and standardization consciousness

4) Global and overall consciousness

5) The consciousness of human centered

3. Roles

1) IE is the tool for job standard - time setting.

2) IE is an improvement tool for engineering analysis.

4. Characteristics

1) IE is based on engineering technology, with the scientific management skills to find problems / solute problems / prevent problems;

2) The ultimate goal of IE is the operation through the management, so that enterprises can get the maximum benefit, so and cost or economic benefits, including system, operation method, machine, mold, fixture shall be master and improved;

3) IE is a branch of applied science, the theory of operation are to meet the actual needs, IE engineer shall be capable of practicing, and the theory and practice of complement each other, so as to ensure the effectiveness of management;

4) IE is the use of key management skills, in the face of the problem to make a breakthrough.

5. Main Range

Engineering analysis, work standards, methods research, work measurement, value analysis (VA), factory layout, handling design, etc

For manufacturing industry, the research object of IE is the working system, and the composition of the working system includes input, transformation, and output and feedback process.

6. Research Purposes

1) System analysis

2) System improvement

3) System design

7. Classification

Basic IE and application IE

(1) The basic IE is a classical IE; refers to method study and work measurement.

(2) The application IE takes the basic IE as the foundation, taking all the factors in the production activities as the objects, including QC, VE, OR, etc.

8. Research Areas

1) Human factors engineering

2) Manufacturing systems engineering

3) Operations research

4) Production management

5) Inventory control

6) Simulation

7) Manufacturing design

9. Training Objectives

The program trains senior specialized talents with the knowledge, quality and ability of modern industrial engineering and system management; can be engaged in the business enterprise for the planning, design, evaluation and innovation at the production, management and service management systems.

10. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of industrial engineering aspects, receive the basic training in the application of industrial engineering theory and method to analyze and solve the practical problems, with the preliminary ability of actual management system development and design.

11. Knowledge and Skills

1). Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of industrial engineering;

2). Master analysis methods and management techniques of system management;

3). with the basic technology of an engineering discipline (e.g. mechanical engineering);

4). Familiar with the relevant policies and regulations of economic construction and business management;

5). Understand the theoretical front, application prospect and development trend of modern industrial engineering;

6). Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have the primary ability of scientific research and practical work.

12. Main Subjects

Management, mechanical engineering (or electronic science and technology, etc)

13. Main Courses

Basis of electrical engineering technology, mechanical design (or electronic, metallurgy and other engineering design), operations research, systems engineering introduction, management, marketing, accounting and financial management, management information systems, etc

14. Practice Teaching

Metalworking practice, electronic technology practice, production practice, graduation practice, general arrangement is 32 weeks.

15. Similar Programs

Management science, information management and information systems, project management, asset appraisal

16. Employment Prospects

The graduates can be engaged in industrial enterprises, banking and finance, advisory services or government departments as industrial engineer, systems analyst, production engineers, management consultants, operations analyst and similar positions.


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