Engineering Degree Program in China - Artificial Intelligence

1. Introduction

Artificial Intelligence is a new technology to study and develop the theory, method, technology and application system for simulation, extension and expansion of human intelligence. Artificial intelligence studies compute for simulation of peoples thinking process and intelligent behavior (such as learning, reasoning, thinking, planning, etc.) mainly including principle of realizing computer intelligence, manufacturing computer similar to human intelligence to achieve a higher level of applications of computer.

2. Related Programs

Philosophy and cognitive science, mathematics, neurophysiology, psychology, computer science, information theory, control theory, uncertainty theory, automation, bionics, biology, mathematical logic, linguistics, medicine and Philosophy

3. Studying Field

Language learning and processing, knowledge representation, intelligent search, reasoning, planning, machine learning, knowledge acquisition, combinatorial scheduling problem, perception, pattern recognition, logic programming, soft computing, imprecise and uncertain management, artificial life, neural network, complex system, genetic algorithm  and human way of thinking, shaping and enhancing ability of independent creative thinking of machine

4. Practical Application

Machine vision, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, retina identification, iris recognition, palmprint recognition, expert system, automatic programming, intelligent search, theorem proving, game, automatic program design, intelligent control, robotics, language and image understanding, genetic programming, machine translation, aerospace applications


2024 Admission is opening !

Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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