Engineering Degree Program in China – Transportation

1. Introduction

Transportation program is mainly to study transportation infrastructure including railways, highways, waterways and air transportation in field of layout, infrastructure and construction of transportation, conveyance application engineering, traffic information engineering and control, and transportation operation and management. Transportation program trains senior engineering and technical personnel with knowledge of operations research, management science, and transportation organization science. These personnel can be engaged in work of transportation organization, command and decision-making, transportation enterprise production and management in management department of transportation and transportation enterprises and institutions.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory and knowledge of operations research, automotive science, logistics science, and transportation organization science; receive basic training of technical management of transportation, vehicle engineering, logistics management and information management with the basic ability of transport technology and equipment, car design and manufacture, automobile application technology and rational organization of transportation and production.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master basic theory and knowledge of operations research, management science and transportation organization science;

2) Master general optimization methods and basic technology of computer application in transportation and vehicle engineering;

3) With basic ability for transportation organization and command, production and management of transportation enterprise; 

4) Understand development trends of traffic engineering equipment and organization and management of transportation;

5) Master basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have ability of scientific research and practical working.

4. Main Courses

Engineering graphics, theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, structural mechanics, measurement science, principle of thermal and engine, hydraulic and pneumatic drive, mechanical design, manufacturing technology of automobile, mechanical principle, principle and application of SCM, soil and soil mechanics, road building materials, subgrade and pavement engineering, bridge engineering, road survey and design, traffic engineering, traffic planning, traffic control and management, intelligent transportation, modern logistics, operations research, train traction calculation, planning and design of city rail transportation, principle of rail traffic signal, metro vehicle structure, passenger transport organization of city rail transit, marketing of transportation, traffic ticket management of city rail transit, project investment and evaluation, transportation organization science, financial management, transportation economics, transportation equipment, Transportation technology management, traffic business management, traffic  enterprise management, traffic control station and hub, transport regulations

5. Practical Teaching

Engineering drawing, surveying practice, traffic station practice, the general arrangement should be 12 weeks

6. Similar Programs

Traffic engineering, automobile application engineering, vehicle engineering, flight technology, marine technology, marine engineering, traffic equipment and information engineering, maritime management, logistics engineering, space transportation and control, traffic construction and equipment

7. Employment Prospects

Graduates can go into departments of traffic development and planning, departments of traffic planning and design, traffic management departments, and traffic engineering company engage in work of traffic transportation planning, traffic engineering design and development of traffic control system; can go into colleges and scientific research institutes for work of teaching and scientific researching.


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