Engineering Degree Program in China - Signal and Information Processing

1. Introduction

Signal and Information Processing is a modern scientific technology, a combination of information collection, processing, communication, which plays an important role in the development of the global science and technology. The program trains the students with the solid theory and knowledge of signal and information processing, to get to know its development at home and abroad and new technology deeply, to grasp the knowledge of modern signal and information processing, to possess the ability to research and make some conclusions, and to independently research, analyze and solve the technology problems.

The technology of information processing has been involved with computer, communication, transportation, medicine, physics, chemistry, biology, military, economy and so on. It explores the basic representation, analysis and synthesis methods of signal and researches the ways to achieve information from signals, develops new theories and technology of signals and information coding and decoding, and improves the efficiency and reliability of the storage of signal transmission.

2. Training Objectives

Students should possess the solid theory, systematic knowledge of mathematics and physics,and have a good knowledge of electronic science, computer science, automatic control science and other related disciplines. They should also understand the basic and latest topics of this program deeply, write something and make some academic exchange. In addition, doing some research independently and developing high technology with good study attitude is very necessary.

In addition, the students should master the basic theory and technology of signal and information processing, electronic science, computer science, and control science, with the ability of scientific research, development and teaching in the signal and information processing and its related field.

3. Research Directions 

(1). the real time signal and information processing: the analysis of embedded operating system, the development and design of DSP, signal control technology. Research the signal acquisition, compression, transmission, exchange and control technology, flow media technology and multi person cooperative work mode so as to realize the real-time interaction and collaborative work of video and audio, text and other kinds of information in the DSP and Internet .

(2). the processing of speech and image, which mainly researches and develops the advanced technology and its application of digital voice and image processing. It includes speech time-frequency analysis and algorithm, sound field analysis and target tracking, dynamic range (HDR) image processing techniques and algorithms, the applications of image acceleration hardware (GPU) , etc.

(3). modern sensor and measuring technology: mainly to carry out basic research, to discover new phenomena, to develop new materials and technology of the sensor; and develop a variety of sensing and detecting system to adapt to the needs of the power system

(4). Information systems and information security. The key problem of information security in modern information system is the theory and application of cryptography, and its foundation is the construction and evaluation of the trusted information system. It mainly researches the scientific theory and key technology of information security in the communication and information systems, including cryptography theory and technology, security protocol theory and technology, security architecture theory and technology, information hiding theory and technology, information countermeasure theory and technology, network and information system security .

(5). Intelligent information processing. It emphasizes on applying the theory, technology and method of modern intelligent information processing into all kinds of computer information processing systems in order to train technical personnel to master theory, technology and methods, research and development of various types of intelligent information processing system for the enterprise. It includes digital image processing, video information detection, analysis, transmission, storage, compression, reconstruction and pattern recognition and collaborative information processing; visual computing and machine vision, intelligent speech processing and understanding, intelligent text classification and information retrieval, intelligent information hiding and recognition.

(6). Information power, including digital power system, power communication technology and regulation, computer software and network, electric power production and operation management, information technology and their application in electric power industry.

(7). Modern electronic system, which mainly researches the most popular electronic system design tool, such as; embedded system, programmable logic device, DSP system. 

(8). Embedded system and intelligent control, which mainly researches the application of single chip microcomputer, programmable logic controller (PLC), DSP, ARM in intelligent measurement instruments, traffic management, information appliances, home intelligent management systems, communication and information processing, etc..

(9). Pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. It mainly researches new theory and method of pattern recognition and artificial intelligence, empathizing their application in the real system, especially in the electric power system, and solving key technology problem in the application; including the technology of intelligent signal processing, image type and non image target recognition, artificial neural network, fuzzy information processing, statistical signal processing, and multi sensor information fusion. 

4. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in information technology management, and the research and development of computer software and hardware in the communications, finance, commerce and other enterprises; or do some research and teaching in the research institutions of communication and information technology, and teaching departments. 


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