Engineering Degree Program in China - Agricultural Mechanization and Its Automation

1. Introduction

Agricultural Mechanization and Its Automation students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of agronomy, mechanics, automation technology and management science, receive the basic training in agriculture antenatal, production, post production process mechanization and automation technology and related equipment performance design and manufacture, test and evaluation, selection and matching, the use of maintenance, with the basic ability of mechanization of agricultural production system planning and design, business management and agricultural mechanization and automation equipment research and development, promoting the use.

2. Training Objectives

Agricultural mechanization and its automation cultivates senior compound and application-oriented engineering and technical personnel with strong ability of mechanical production system planning and design, business management and mechanization and automation control device design, manufacture, application and evaluation and marketing, with excellent quality, strong adaptability, with innovative spirit.

3. Main Subjects

Mechanical engineering, crop science, agriculture and forestry economics and management

4. Main Courses

Descriptive geometry and computer graphics, engineering mechanics, mechanical principles, mechanical design, mechanical manufacturing, electrical engineering, electronics, programming controller, single chip microcomputer, automobile and tractor, agricultural mechanics, modern engineering test technology, agricultural production mechanization, agricultural material science, fluid mechanics, agronomy introduction, electromechanical integration technology, the management of agricultural mechanization, CAD design, Proe design, MATLAB design, hydraulic transmission design, mechanical engineering materials, metal craft, NC processing technology, etc.

5. Practice Teaching

Metalworking practice, driving practice, agricultural production practice and comprehensive machine design, curriculum design, graduation design, tractor disassembly internship etc., the general arrangement is 30-35 weeks.

6. Program Experiments

Agricultural mechanical performance testing and experiment, mechanical and electrical integration technology, mechanical system computer aided analysis and simulation, etc.

7. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of agronomy, mechanics, automation technology and management;

2) Master the knowledge and technology of agricultural machinery and its automation equipment, such as performance design, testing identification, selection mating, use maintenance and so on;

3) With the ability of planning and design and management of agricultural mechanization system;

4) The ability of scientific research, development and extension of new technology, new equipment and new technology of agricultural mechanization and automation;

5) Familiar with the principles, policies and regulations of agricultural mechanization;

6) understand the scientific front and development trend of agricultural mechanization and automation;

7) Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have certain scientific research and practical work ability;

8) There is strong ability of research and decision-making, organization and management, oral and written expression ability, with independent access to knowledge, information processing and innovation.

8. Program Advantages

1) Automatic control of cultivation, planting, harvesting and transportation

2) The automatic sprinkler irrigation system of radio remote control has been applied in farmland

3) Crop automatic management system

4) The automation of livestock

5) The greenhouse automatic control and management system

9. Similar Programs

Machinery design manufacturing and its automation, food science and engineering

10. Employment Prospects

Agricultural mechanization and its automation graduates can be engaged in related enterprises and administrative departments for the work of mechanization and automation of management and product design, manufacture, use, identification technology, can also be engaged in the scientific research units and colleges and universities for the scientific research and teaching work.


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