Rescue Command and Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Rescue Command and Technology program mainly trains senior engineering and technical personnel who are familiar with laws and regulations of public security work. These personnel can engage in work of disaster rescue, fire rescue command, duty training, management and education in fire fighting department of public security.

2. Training Requirements

Students mainly study basic theory and knowledge of rescue command and technology; receive corresponding professional training with skills in field of rescue command and technology.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master basic theory and knowledge of rescue command and technology;

2) Know latest developments related to rescue command and technology;

3) Master general principles and knowledge of similar programs;

4) Master laws and regulations of rescue command and technology;

5) Master basic methods of information retrieval, document retrieval; has ability to obtain relevant information with modern information technology;

6) With ability of experimental design and creating experimental conditions; with capability of induction, collation, analysis of experimental results, writing papers and participating in academic exchanges.

4. Main Courses

Disaster rescue technology, organization and command method of fire fighting and rescue, introduction of disaster rescue operation, technology of on-site medical emergency treatment, disaster emergency disposal, fire fighting technology and equipment, fire communication

5. Practical Teaching

Technical training of rescue, internship in fire fighting department of public security, social investigation

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates mainly work in fire fighting department of public security.


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