Engineering Degree Program in China - Mold Design and Manufacture

1. Introduction

Mold Design and Manufacture refers to the mold processing technology and production and maintenance. Mold design and manufacture aims to train high-quality skilled talents who master the basic expertise of mold design and manufacture, with strong practical ability to work, can be engaged in mold design, process design, mold manufacturing, mold maintenance, quality management work in the front line of production, to adapt to the needs of mold machinery industry production, management, serving the first line, with good professional ethics and the spirit of innovation.

2. Training Objectives

The program is to cultivate advanced technology application-oriented professionals with good professional quality, facing manufacturing sectors, engaged in the work of mold design, mold machining process establishment, stamping and plastic molding, CNC machine tools operation and production management, which is performed as achieving the level of manufacturing technicians in mold manufacturing and reaching the level of assistant designer in design.

3. Core Abilities

1). Design and manufacture of cold stamping die and plastic mould

2). Mold manufacturing equipment installation, debugging, use and maintenance

3). Product development and design

4. Core Courses and Major Practice

Mechanical drawing, mechanical design basis, engineering materials and heat treatment, CNC technology, mold manufacturing technology, plastic mold technology and plastic mold design, stamping process and rushed mold design, plastics molding machine, mould CAD/CAM, estimation of mold prices, machining practice, clamp work skills training, CNC machine tool operation training, mold skill training, graduation practice (design), etc.

5. Mold Processing Directions

1) Mold processing and production organization;

2) Mold NC programming and machining;

3) Mold 3D design;

4) Product development 3D design

Other technical directions: production management, logistics management, equipment management, quality management, project management and product development, automotive industry, mechanical manufacturing technologist, CNC engineer, etc.

6. Training Scheme

1) Feasible analysis

2) Structure

3). Stock

4). Drawing

5). Proof

7. Program Terms

1) Glue position check

2) The parting direction

3) Draft principles

4) 2D image

5) Shrink calculation

6) Coaxial calculation

7) Line position points

8) Inclined roof design

8. Program Directions

1) Metal cold pressing forming technology

2) Plastic molding technology

9. Professional Qualifications

Intermediate occupation technical certificate for combination machine tool operator, intermediate occupation technology certificate for machining center operator

10. Employment Prospects

Mold design, manufacturing and maintenance of machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, light industry, plastics and other industries, the installation, commissioning, maintenance and management of mold equipment. Electronic information, light industrial production management, logistics management, equipment management, quality management, project management and product development, automotive industry, machinery manufacturing technologist, CNC engineer, etc.


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