Railway Traffic Operation and Management Program in China

1. Introduction

Railway Traffic Operation and Management program is to study the basic knowledge of railway transport equipment, railway transport regulations, railway transport organizations, railway stations and hubs, railway transportation dispatch and command and system analysis. And the students should study the basic training of computer skills and drawing, electrical and electronic technology, and railway traffic control and dispatching, passenger transportation, freight transportation. 

2. Training Objectives

The program is to train senior technical talents who can master the basic knowledge and skills of railway transport organization, passenger transportation, freight transportation, and traffic. And the graduates should have the solid theoretical knowledge and strong practical ability, and can get engaged in traffic control dispatching, passenger transport, freight transportation production and organization. They can also work at the department of urban rail transit for the transportation production and organization management. 

The graduates should have the solid theoretical knowledge and strong ability of communication and organization, who can get engaged in passenger train service and train management in the department of railway passenger transport, and the organization and management. 

3. Training Requirements

The students can master the skills of traffic control dispatching, passenger transportation, and freight transportation. 

4. Main Courses

Railway passenger transport organization, railway freight traffic organization, railway driving organization, railway station and hub, railway transport equipment, railway transportation dispatch and command and statistical analysis, railway transport regulations and safety, container transport, economic laws and regulations of railway transportation, passenger transportation training, freight transportation training, driving training.

Transportation marketing, transportation facilities and equipment, transport organization, station and hub, train traction calculation, operations research, transportation statistics, logistics management, modern transportation information technology, the management of the transportation cost, railway transportation practice, railway transport facilities and equipment, railway transportation production and management institutions and organizations, case teaching, comprehensive graduate training

5. Employment Prospects

Students can work at national and local railway transportation enterprise, the transportation management department of the national large and medium-sized enterprises with special railway, operation department of urban rail transit, the underground railway port railway transportation and ferry company.


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