Engineering Degree Program in China - Information Security

1. Introduction

Information Security is a kind of interdisciplinary with the combination of computer, communication, mathematics, physics, law, management and other disciplines, which mainly studies science and technology to ensure the information security. This program trains senior specialized personnel who can engaged in information security work in fields of computer, communication, e-commerce, e-government, e-finance and others. 

2. Knowledge and Ability

(1) Master the basic theory and knowledge of safety, modern enterprise management and economic information management and information system.

(2) Master the basic theory and knowledge of encryption and decryption of computer software and hardware.

(3) Master the basic knowledge and skills of computer maintenance and system support.

(4) Master the basic skills of economic information analysis and processing in the enterprise management.

3. Main Content

1) Firewall, the first security barrier for establishment of enterprise network;

2) Intrusion detection system, effectively resists external intrusion events, and monitors the illegal behavior inside the network;

3) Safety assessment and analysis tools audit and analysis user environment in based of security policy and then find the hidden danger in time;

4) Anti-virus system clears virus and prevents virus event, and then achieve full intelligence anti-virus;

5) Server protection system protects important server data security in enterprise;

6) Deployment and maintenance of enterprise information management (OA, Exchange) systems, UNIX systems, etc;

7) Professional data backup and restore system; protect the most critical data and resources of enterprise users;

8) Have the ability of using enterprise core routers at all levels, switches and a variety of operating systems (Linux, windows), database products (SQL server, Oracle), design of security domain environment to formulate strict security strategy and security requirements according to difference of different business needs.

4. Main Courses

Advanced mathematics, linear algebra, calculation method, probability theory and mathematical statistics, computer algorithm preliminary, C + + programming language design, data structure and algorithm, computer principles and assembly language, database theory, operating system, University Physics, set and graph theory, algebra and logic, principle of cryptography, coding theory, foundation of information, structure of information security system, software engineering, digital logic, computer network

5. Similar Programs

Electronic information science and technology, microelectronics, optical information science and technology, defense science and technology, information science and technology , Optoelectronic science and technology

6. Employment Prospects

The graduates can be engaged in all kinds of research, design, development and management work of information security system and computer security systems in the field of banking, finance, securities, and telecommunications or in government agencies and security departments. The graduates also can engage in the work of computer application in the field of IT.


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