Technology Degree Program in China - Building Decoration Materials

1. Introduction

Building Decoration Materials, also known as the building facing materials, refer to the materials laying or painting on the building surface for decorating and beautifying the environment. Building decoration material is a material integrating materials, process, design, aesthetics; it is the important material foundation of building decoration engineering.

The overall effect of architectural decoration and the realization of the function of building decoration are subject to the constraints of building decoration materials, in particular, the influence of the gloss, texture, texture, pattern, pattern and other decorative characteristics of decorative materials. Therefore, familiar with a variety of decorative materials of the performance, characteristics, in accordance with the building and the use of environmental conditions, a reasonable choice of decoration materials, to wood as the docking, the better to express design intent, and indoor and other ancillary products to reflect the building decoration. Building decorative materials are the building materials for decorative role. It refers to after the main building completed, the indoor space and outdoor environment of the building function and beautify the processing and the formation of different decorative effect of the required materials. It is an integral part of building materials and is an integral part of the building.

2. Roles

The main functions of building decoration materials are: laying on the building surface in order to beautify the building and the environment, regulate people's minds, and play the role of the protecting buildings.

Modern architecture requires architectural decoration to follow the principle of aesthetics, and create a good space environment to improve the meaning of life, so that people's physical and mental balance, emotional regulation, the wisdom is better to be played. Building decoration materials play an important role in the process of achieving the above objectives.

3. Classification

1) According to the materials: plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, wood, inorganic minerals, paint, textiles, stone and other types.

2) According to the functions: sound absorption, insulation, waterproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, anti mildew, acid and alkali resistance, and other types of pollution.

3) According to the decorative parts: wall decoration materials, interior decoration materials, ground decoration materials, ceiling decoration materials.

4. Building Decoration Materials Selection

1) The type and grade of the decoration building: the type of building decoration is different, the choice of building decoration materials should not be the same; the grade of the decoration is different, the choice of building decoration materials should be different.

2) The effect of building decoration materials on the decorative effect: the texture, scale, line shape, texture, color, etc., will have a certain impact on the decorative effect.

3) The durability of building decoration materials: according to the practical experience of the decoration engineering, the durability of the decorative materials requirements, including mechanical properties, physical properties, and chemical properties.

4) The economy of building decoration materials: from the point view of economy, consider the choice of decoration materials, should have a general idea, both to consider decoration engineering investment, also want to take into account the future maintenance costs, but also take into account the development trend of decoration materials. Sometimes on the key issues, the appropriate increase in some investment, reduce the use of maintenance costs, not to make decorative materials in the short term, this is an important measure to ensure the overall economy.

5) Building decoration materials environmental protection: not emit harmful gases, will not produce harmful radiation, no mildew corrosion. In case of fire it does not produce harmful gases, with health effects on the human body.

5. Functions of Building Decoration Materials

1) Decorative function: the internal and external walls of the building are decorated by the texture of the material, the lines and color to perform. Texture refers to the texture of the material feeling; color can affect the appearance of the building and the appearance of the city, but also can affect the people's psychological.

2) Protective function: the appropriate building decoration materials to the building surface decoration, not only can play a good decorative effect, and can effectively improve the durability of the building, reduce maintenance costs.

3) Improving indoor environment function: such as interior wall and ceiling use plaster decoration board, can play a role in regulating the indoor air relative humidity, role to improve the environment; and as wood floors, carpets, etc. to heat, heat insulation, sound insulation effect, make people feel warm and comfortable, improve the indoor living environment.

6. Main Content

Basic nature of material, decorative stone, decorative gypsum, building ceramics, decorative cement, decorative concrete, metal decorative materials, decorative glass, decorative wood, plastic building decoration, architectural coatings, decorative fabric, other materials for architectural decoration use.


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