Engineering Degree Program in China - Clean Energy

1. Introduction

Clean energy, named as the Green Energy, refers to the energy that does not emit pollutants and can be used directly in the production and life. It includes nuclear energy and renewable energy. Renewable energy refers to the energy that raw materials energy can be recycled, such as hydroelectric power, wind power, solar energy, biomass energy (biogas), geothermal energy (including earth source and water source) and tide energy. 

2. Ocean Energy

Ocean energy refers to renewable energy that attach in sea water. Ocean receive, store and distribute energy through a variety of physical processes and the energy exists in the ocean in the form of tides, waves, temperature contrast, salinity gradient, and ocean current.

3. Solar Energy

Solar energy is the heat radiation energy of the sun and the performance is solar ray. In modern society, solar energy is often used for power generation or providing energy for water heater. There are two ways for utilization of solar energy, solar energy conversion and photoelectric conversion. Solar power generation is a new renewable energy.

4. Wind Energy Source

Wind energy is the kinetic energy produced by a large amount of air flow on the surface of the earth. The utilization of wind energy is mainly in two ways, Wind power as driving force and wind power generation (main way). As driving force, wind energy uses wind to drive all kinds of mechanical devices directly.

5. Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen is an excellent heat transfer carrier in energy industry; hydrogen is the most common elements existed in nature; hydrogen has good combustion performance with high flash point of burning and wide range of combustible mixed with air; Hydrogen is not toxic, and it is the cleanest when compared with other fuels; what is more, the water produced by combustion can also be used to produce hydrogen.

6. Biomass Energy

Biomass energy is a form of energy that solar energy stores in biomass in a form of chemical energy. It is a kind of energy using biomass as carrier. Biomass energy can be directly or indirectly derived from plant photosynthesis. In a variety of renewable energy, biomass is unique and it is stored solar energy. It is a unique renewable source of carbon which can be converted into conventional solid, liquid and gaseous fuel.

7. Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is the natural heat energy extracted from the earth's crust. This energy comes from the lava inside the earth, and exists in the form of heat. It is the energy of the volcanic eruption and earthquakes.

8. Water Energy

Water energy is a kind of renewable clean energy. It is the energy source of the kinetic energy, potential energy and pressure energy of water body.


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