Engineering Degree Program in China - Electronic and Information Engineering

1. Introduction

Electronic and information engineering is a discipline using computers and other modern technology to go on information control and information processing, mainly research information acquisition and processing, and design, development, application and integration of electronic equipment and information systems. Electronic information engineering has covered many aspects of the society. Electronic information engineering is a program with a collection of modern electronic technology, information technology, communication technology.

Electronic information engineering is to learn the basic circuit knowledge, and master the method of using computer to process information. First, learners should have a solid knowledge of mathematics, and have high requirements of physics, mainly in the area of electrical; to learn much knowledge about circuit, electrician foundation, electronics, signal and system, computer control principle, basic courses of communication principle. Learning electronic information engineering also needs hands-on design, connection to some of the circuit and the combination of computer experiments, hands-on operation and relatively high requirements of the use of tools . For example, connecting the sensor circuit, setting small communications system with computer, you will visit some of the biggest companies in the electronics and information processing equipment, understand mobile phone signal, how to transfer cable television and have the opportunity to participate in the large engineering design under the guidance of the teacher. When studying electronic information engineering, you should like to think, and be good at finding problems with your brain.

2. Training Objectives

The program trains to develop senior engineering and technical personnel to master the theory of modern electronic technology, familiar with electronic system design principle and design method, has strong ability of technical application of computer and corresponding engineering , oriented electronic technology, automatic control and intelligent control, computer science and network technology electronic, information, with high innovation ability.

3.Program Requirements

To achieve the knowledge of the signal acquisition and processing, power plant equipment information system, to receive the basic training of electronic and information engineering, and to have the ability to design, develop, application and integration of electronic equipment and information system.

4.Knowledge and Ability

(1) Systematic grasp the broad range of technical basic theoretical knowledge in the field of electronics and information engineering, a wide range of work;

(2) Master the basic theory and experimental technology of electronic circuits, and have the basic ability to analyze and design the electronic equipment;

(3) Grasp the basic theory and application of information acquisition and processing, with the basic ability of design, integration, application and computer simulation information system;

(4) Understand the basic principles, policies and regulations of the information industry, and to understand the basic knowledge of enterprise management;

(5) Understand the theoretical frontiers of electronic equipment and information systems, with the ability to research, develop new systems and new technologies;

(6) Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, with certain scientific research and practical work ability.

5. Main Subjects

Electronic Science and technology, Information And Communication Engineering, Computer Science And Technology.

6. Main Courses

Higher mathematics, linear algebra, probability and statistics, college physics, signal and system, circuit analysis, electronic technology, c language, high frequency electronic technology, electronic measurement technology, communication technology, automatic detection technology, network and office automation technology, multimedia technology and single-chip microcomputer technology, electronic system design technology, electronic design automation (EDA) technology and digital signal processing (DSP) technology, analog circuit, digital circuit, principle of microcomputer and single-chip microcomputer principle and application, arm embedded system, automatic control, principle and application of sensor, electrical and electronic practice and electronic technology training experiment course.

7. Practical Teaching

Course Experiment, Computer Training, Curriculum Design, Production Practice, Graduation Design, etc.. The time for the teaching practice is not less than 30 weeks.

8. Similar Major

Microelectronics automation, Electrical engineering and automation of electrical engineering and automation of Electrical Information Engineering

Electronic Information Engineering, communication engineering, Electronic Science and technology, Computer science and technology

Biomedical engineering, Information Engineering, Information Science and technology

Network engineering software engineering, Information display and Optoelectronic Technology, Integrated circuit design and integrated system, Photoelectric information engineering

Radio and Television Engineering, Computer software power engineering and management, Intelligent science and technology

Information and Communication Engineering, Building electrical and intelligent, Electromagnetic field and wireless technology

Digital media art , Film and television art technology, Detection guidance and control technology

9. Employment Direction

Engineering and technical personnel: engaged in the introduction, development, operation, maintenance of technology and other work; Software Engineer: engaged in a variety of software development work in the computer industry.

10.Development Prospect

With the deepening development of social information, the industry needs more electronic information engineering workers, and the salary is very high. After graduation, students can be engaged in the design, application of electronic equipment and information system and technical management . For example, electronic engineer can design and develop some electronic and communication device; as a software engineer, he can design and develop hardware and related software; as a project manager, he can do some planning, which has high requirements of the experience and knowledge; and later they can study to become teachers in scientific research work.

11.Vocational Qualification Certificate and Level

Obtain the Certificate of Computer Application Ability; Intermediate Electrician Certificate , and Electronic CAD Intermediate Skill Level Certificate.


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