Engineering Degree Program in China - Traffic Engineering

1. Introduction

Traffic Engineering program trains senior engineering and technical personnel with solid foundation of traffic engineering knowledge, innovation spirit and practice ability. These personnel can be engaged in traffic engineering planning, traffic engineering design, traffic subway construction engineering and construction management in the field of traffic engineering with basic theory and skills in transportation engineering and civil engineering.

2. Training Requirements

Students mainly study basic theory and knowledge of system engineering, traffic engineering; receive basic training of drawing, machine operation, engineering survey and engineering budge with basic ability of infrastructure planning, engineering design and project evaluation.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master basic theory and knowledge of transportation;

2) Master basic technology of road and subway construction, road and bridge design and road maintenance;

3) With capability of traffic planning, traffic engineering design and development;

4) Master basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have ability of scientific research and practical work;

5) Master methods of general analysis of system engineering and system control.

4. Main Subjects

Traffic engineering, system engineering, road engineering

5. Main Courses

Mathematics, road engineering drawing, engineering mechanics, highway soil mechanics, transportation engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, road survey and design, traffic engineering design, road construction and supervision, road engineering, highway management, regulations of highway construction, highway maintenance and management, intellectual transportation system

6. Practical Teaching

Road mapping practice, surveying practice, automobile driving and testing, traffic station practice

7. Similar Programs

Civil engineering, road, bridge and river-crossing engineering, geological engineering, railway engineering, logistics engineering, traffic construction and equipment, transportation

8. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can be engaged in work of traffic planning, surveying, design, construction, supervision and management in highway department, traffic department, municipal department, construction department, design Institute, highway construction company, highway maintenance company, and traffic management department in fields of roads, bridges, municipal administration, construction, public security, railways and civil aviation; also can work for scientific research and teaching.


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