Engineering Degree Program in China - Dyeing and Finishing Technology

1. Introduction

Dyeing and Finishing Technology program trains advanced technical personnel who can be engaged in process design, production operation and quality control of dyeing and finishing products, or be engaged in business management, with the ability to solve practical problems in dyeing and finishing using modern processing technology.

2. Main Courses

Fundamentals of computer application, fundamentals of dyeing and finishing chemistry, fundamentals of dyeing and finishing chemical engineering, fiber chemistry and physics, dyeing and finishing technology, dyeing and finishing equipment, dyeing and finishing auxiliaries, international trade, color testing and matching, design of printing and dyeing factory, etc.

3. Practical Teaching

Cognition practice, chemical comprehensive experiment, chemical comprehensive design, large scale experiment of bleaching and finishing, large scale experiment of dyeing, large scale experiment of printing, large scale experiment, internship, graduation design.

4. Training Requirement

Students should have the ability to design dyeing and finishing process of textile, develop new dyeing and finishing product, use new technology, and solve practical problems, with organization and management capacity. 

5. Certificate

Qualification certificate for dyeing and proofing middle-level workers

6. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in research, development, design, production and management of dyeing and finishing products; or be engaged in technical service, technical promotion and marketing in all kinds of chemical company of dyeing materials, or be engaged in fabric sourcing and merchandising in textile trading companies.


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Wenzhou Medical University

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