Engineering Degree Program in China - Textile Engineering

1. Introduction

Textile Engineering program is involved with the textile trade and textile clothing. And the program aims at cultivating senior technical talents with the knowledge and skills of textile engineering, get engaged in the design and development of textile, textile technology design, textile quality control, the transformation of production technology, and the ability of management.

The program of textile engineering is concerned with the processing, preparation of fiber and textile products and the research of their functions; mainly including the spinning and weaving of the textile, the research of fiber products and their functions, and product inspection and control. And it’s also closely related to the disciplines of materials engineering, electronic and information engineering, control engineering, mechanical engineering, biological engineering, computer technology, chemistry, mechanics and physics.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and knowledge of textile engineering, and receive the basic training of the textile design and textile technology, with the ability of management of textile production.

3. Knowledge and Ability

(1) Master the basic theory and knowledge of textile engineering;

(2) Master the technology of textile production ;

(3) With the basic skills of textile design and textile technology design;

(4) Understand the principles, policies and regulations of the textile industry;

(5) Understand the development of textile science and technology;

(6) Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and the ability of scientific research and work;

4. Main Courses

International trade practice, textile engineering, textile and clothing trade, marketing, textile goods, business management of textile, e-commerce, clothing design, clothing technology, garment CAD, clothing materials, spinning science, weaving science, textile development and quality control etc.

5. Practical Teaching

Metalworking practice, computer, production practice, woven material analysis, textile process and product design, the design of silk factory, graduation design (Thesis), yarn spinning, fabric analysis and weaving, knitting fabric analysis and weaving;

6.Similar Majors

Food science and engineering, light and chemical engineering, packaging engineering, printing engineering, clothing design and engineering, grape and wine engineering, food quality and safety.

7. Employment Prospects

The graduates may get engaged in the textile design, development, textile technology design, textile quality control, transformation of production technology, and management, or teaching and research in the textile enterprise, scientific research institution. 


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