Engineering Degree Program in China - Radio and Television Engineering

1. Introduction

Radio and Television Engineering students mainly study radio and television technology, multimedia technology and related basic theory and other aspects knowledge. Radio and television engineering mainly takes audio and video technology as the core, and a compound discipline integrating with computer science, communication technology, network technology, audio-visual arts, etc, focusing on the cultivation of high-quality comprehensive professional and technical personnel that radio and TV industry need.

The program is based on radio, film and television media industry, for media content processing related fields, using computer software and modern electronic technology and information processing methods, focuses on video and audio processing, compressed source, film and television production and program management, program broadcast and distribution, and so on. Has a base basic theory and engineering practice, the combination of art and technology characteristics.

2. Training Objectives

Radio and television engineering program trains senior technical talents with solid discipline basics and professional knowledge, with the digital television technology, network visual audio technology and digital video production technology of professional knowledge and skills, have certain innovation ability and strong practical ability, can in transmission media in digital TV technology and network audio technology research, system design, development and application of visual and can be engaged in the combination of technology and art of film and television production, animation production and so on.

3. Program Directions

Digital television technology, digital film and television production technology, network video and audio technology, multimedia technology

4. Skills Required

1) Master the basic knowledge of radio and television technology;

2) With the basic ability of radio and television engineering practice;

3) Understand the principles and policies of radio and television technology policies and regulations;

4) Understand the status quo and development trends of radio and television industry, to understand the dynamics of foreign radio and television industry.

5. Main Courses

Digital signal processing, communication theory, information theory and coding theory, principles of television, computer network, digital image processing, digital television technology, digital video and audio coding technology, digital video broadcasting technology, digital film and television video compression coding technology, digital video system design, audio broadcast control technology, network media communication technology, the network media system design, digital television program production technology, digital animation production technology.

Specialized courses

Calculus, probability statistics and probability theory, linear algebra, complex variable function and the integral variables, introduction to radio and television technology, college physics, circuit principle, electronic technology, communication theory, principle of TV, digital broadcasting, digital TV, media theory, computer theory, C language and design, network engineering, camera photography, video nonlinear editing, audio technology, sound engineering, lighting engineering


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