List of China Colleges offer Arts, Media, Music, Dance, Film & Drama programs

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1. Academy of Arts & Design , Tsinghua University 

2. Beijing Dance Academy

3. Beijing Film Academy

4. Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology

5. Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

6. Central Academy of Drama

7. Central Conservatory of Music

8. China Central Academy of Fine Arts

9. China Conservatory of Music

10. Communication University of China

11. Donghua University

12. Guangxi Arts Institute

13. Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts

14. Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

15.Inner Mongolia University

16. Jiangnan University

17. Jilin College of The Arts

18. Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

19. Luxun Academy of Fine Arts

20. Minzu University of China

21. Nanjing University of the Arts

22. National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts

23. PLA Academy of Arts

24. Shandong College of Arts and Crafts

25. Shandong University Of Arts

26. Shanghai Conservatory Of Music

27. Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts

28. Shanghai Theater Academy

29. Shenyang Conservatory of Music

30. Sichuan Conservatory Of Music

31. Soochow University

32.The China Academy of Art

33. Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

34.Tianjin Conservatory of Music

35. Tianjin University of Technology

36. Wuhan Conservatory of Music

37. Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts

38.Xi'an Conservatory of Music

39. Xinghai Conservatory of Music

40. Xinjiang Arts Institute

41. Yunnan Arts University

42. Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

43. Zhejiang University of Media and Communications


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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