Jiangnan University

Why Study at Jiangnan University, China

Brief Introduction

Jiangnan University (JU) is situated in the city of Wuxi in the southern part of the province of Jiangsu. Reputed as the “Pearl of China’s Light Industry Higher Education”, Jiangnan University is one of China’s national key “211 Project” universities, one of "985" platform universities, and functions directly under China’s Ministry of Education. Its roots may stretch back to 1902 when its predecessor, San Jiang Normal School, began its first term. More than a hundred years of development and fifty years of independent education have brought Jiangnan University recognition in scientific research, teaching quality and social service from all levels of society. It is a comprehensive university, recognized and highly respected both at home and abroad.


The root of Jiangnan University stretches back to San Jiang Normal School which was founded in Nanjing in 1902 which later renamed National Central University and Nanjing University. The private Jiangnan University, another source of JU, was founded in Wuxi in 1948 by Rong Desheng. Later during restructuring of higher education happened after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the engineering related departments of Nanjing University merged related departments of private Jiangnan University and several other universities and formed Nanjing Institute of Technology (later renamed Southeast University) in 1952,  and in 1958, the related department of Nanjing Institute of Technology moved to Wuxi and established Wuxi College of Light Industry which was named university in 1995. In 2001, Jiangnan University was formed by the combination of Wuxi University of Light Industry, Jiangnan College and Wuxi Education College.

(2) Discipline and programs

Jiangnan University consists of 21 schools and 51 undergraduate programs with disciplines including engineering, science, literature, economics, management, law, medicine, agriculture, arts and education. Jiangnan University has 125 Master Degree Programs, 32 Doctoral Degree Programs, and 6 Post-doctoral Research Stations in the fields of Light Industry Technology and Engineering, Food Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, Chemistry Engineering and Technology, and Textile Engineering and 5 National Key Disciplines. Jiangnan University has 27281 full-time Chinese students and 803 international students studying here at present.

(3)Academic facilities and Scientific research

Jiangnan University has the faculty team consisting of 1,668 members including 1068 professors and associate professors. Jiangnan University is the cradle, and one of the major supporting institutions, of China's light industry, food science and biotechnology. The National Key Lab of Food Science and Technology, approved by the Ministry of Science & Technology, is the only one of its kind in China. In addition, it has 19 national, ministerial or provincial engineering research centers, 21 laboratories at the ministerial or provincial level, the Food Safety Research Base of Jiangsu Province, the Scientific and Technological Novelty Search Workstation of Ministry of Education, the Industrial Microbial Resources Database Integration and Information Sharing Platform.

(4) Great achievements

Since the implementation of China’s 11th Five-Year Plan, Jiangnan University has undertaken a large quantity of national, provincial or ministerial projects including “863 Projects”, “973 Projects”, National Key Special Projects, National Key Scientific and Technological Projects, and the National Natural Science Fund. It has received 400 national, ministerial or provincial awards including 11 National Technology Invention and 2 Humanity and Social Science Awards. In 2012, 1479 academic papers by JU faculty members were SCIE, EI and ISTP indexed. In the same year, research works resulted in 5037 patent applications, including 1409 patents for inventions. More than 2570 patents were granted, which is second to none in Jiangsu. The number of granted patents and effective patents for inventions ranked the third and the fourth respectively at the provincial level. In 2012, its total research funding 444 million CNY.

(5) Communication and international cooperation

Jiangnan University was in the first group of higher institutions approved by China’s Ministry of Education to enroll foreign students, and has long been active in international exchanges and cooperation and has cultivated different kinds of students from more than 80 countries. Jiangnan University has cooperated in teaching or scientific research with 137 universities or research organizations in more 32 countries and regions. Jiangnan University has gradually become one of the most important international exchange centers in the fields of food science & technology, biotechnology, industrial design and textile technology. At present, there are more than 803 international students studying at Jiangnan University.


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