Jiangnan University

Canteens in Jiangnan University, China

Jiangnan University has four main canteens on campus offering catering services of a great variety to about 26,000 people. The buildings with red roofs are the four main canteens where people can have a taste of different Chinese cuisines at a reasonable price. Also, there is a Muslim Canteen on northern campus by Canteen No.2 where you should take your own chopsticks and bowls.

International students at Jiangnan University have quite a few choices of food. If you feel fed up with the food in canteens, you can find other options in the two shopping areas on both north and south campus. Eateries there offer people specialties of different areas including American fast food. Moreover, restaurants opposite to South Gate and Shitang Street nearby North Gate are often first choice for students, especially at weekends.



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