Jiangnan University

Overseas Students at Jiangnan University, China

School of International Education of Jiangnan University is one of the subordinate schools of Jiangnan University (JNU). Its main duties include the education and supervision of international students. Since 1964 when Jiangnan University begins to accept international students, she has developed many students from more than 80 countries. At present, there are more than 803 international students studying at Jiangnan University. These international students enjoy a convenient and colorful campus life here, which promote the international relationship between the university and other countries and be good for international cultural communication.

Jiangnan University was in the first group of higher institutions approved by China’s Ministry of Education to enroll foreign students, and has long been active in international exchanges and cooperation. Jiangnan University has cooperated in teaching or scientific research with 137 universities or research organizations in more 32 countries and regions.




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