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Why Study at Communications University of China

Communication University of China (CUC) is one of China’s key universities of “Project 211”, directly under the guidance of the State Ministry of Education. The predecessor of the school was a training center for technicians of the Central Broadcasting Bureau that was founded in 1954. In April of 1959, the school was upgraded to the Beijing Broadcasting Institute approved by the State Council. In August of 2004, the BBI was renamed into the Communication University of China. 
(1). History 
Communication University of China (CUC's) history dates back to March 3, 1954 when the first training class for broadcasting professionals was held by the then Central Radio Administration. This then led to the founding of Beijing Broadcasting College in 1958. On September 7, 1959, CUC's precursor Beijing Broadcasting Institute (BBI) was established. During the ensuing four decades, BBI remained a relatively small college and only known among the circles of Chinese media professionals. February, 2000 Beijing Broadcasting Institute was transferred from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television to Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China, and co-constructed by Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. August 19, 2004, the State Council of the People's Republic of China approved the renaming of the institute to the Communication University of China. It has now developed into a comprehensive institute of higher learning with broadcasting, film production, journalism, drama, animation, advertising, news-casting, creative cultural industry, communications engineering, foreign languages, management and media law education as its major academic disciplines. 
(2). Discipline and programs
Communication University of China (CUC) sticks to its own line of thinking in subject establishment to arrange each teaching course into a scientific structure, focusing on individual features and wide connections with other courses. As a result, an inter-relating and inter-influencing discipline system is formed which covers journalism and communication, radio, film & television arts, information science and technology, literature, engineering, management, law, economics and science. So far, there have been 13 schools in the university and 2 national key disciplines, e.g., journalism and radio & television arts, 1 national key developable discipline, 4 municipal key disciplines, 4 post-doctoral research centers, 24 doctoral programs, 48 master programs, 3 professional master categories, and 78 bachelor programs. Now, there are 15,307 full-time students in the CUC, including 9264 undergraduates, 3512 candidates for doctor and master degrees, and 16780 students in programs of continuing education.
(3). Academic facilities and Scientific research 
Communication University of China (CUC), occupies 473,000 square meters with a total construction area of 383,000 square meters. The motto of the CUC is “integrity, professionalism, erudition and competence”. As the academic research center in information communication, the CUC pays enough attention to research work on like what to communicate, how to do it with a creative and high-tech way, and how to give better advisory services for the government and enterprises in decision-making. Being part of the research outcome, a number of research centers have been set up, among them are the Humane Studies Base subordinated to the State Ministry of Education, Research Center of Radio &Television, Center of Digital Engineering of Radio & Television, Branch Center of Audio Language under the National Language Research Center, New Media Research Center, and Cultural Industry Research Center. Besides, there are also several other bases in the CUC, such as Drawing Intelligence project base, one to attract innovative talents in digital media engineering, a personnel training base for non-universal languages under the State Ministry of Education, and a national base for animation teaching and research. 
(4). Communication University of China Achievement
Communication University of China (CUC) has hosted and completed several programs which are of advanced level in China and abroad in the field of digital broadcasting technology - the standard making and system developing for the national digital medium and short wave broadcasting, the standard making for the national mobile phone TV & mobile multimedia technology. Currently, Communication University of China is one of the top public universities in China. It is ranked No.1 of media education and ranked No.1 among language universities in China.
As one of the "211" Project key universities directly under the Ministry of Education, the Communication University of China (CUC) has trained, since it was founded over 50 years ago, numerous high-leveled personnel for the Chinese media industry, and made a significant contribution to the nation’s media business and economy. Therefore, the CUC has been honored as a “cradle of the nation’s broadcasting and television talents” and “a university noted in information and communication field in China. In recent years, one professor has been appointed to a distinguished position as the Changjiang Program Scholar; 11 have entered provincial or ministerial leveled Talent Engineering Project; 7 have won the national or municipal Famous Teacher prize; 24 have won the honorable title of Beijing Outstanding Teachers. 
(5). Communication and international cooperation
Communication University of China (CUC) has established an exchange and communication relationship with more than 200 renowned foreign universities and scientific research organizations of media. In addition, the CUC is one of the teaching units of Media and Women of the UNESCO, and the host of some international academic institutions like Asian Media Research Center, and European Media Research Center. High-leveled academic meetings hosted by the Communication University of China (CUC), such as Asian Media Forum, Forum of Female University Presidents of the World, China Dissemination Forum have already become important interaction platforms of the international media world and higher educational institutions. Communication University of China (CUC), will continue to work hard to realize its target of stepping into the rank of world famous university in media and communication.
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