Communication University of China

Overseas Students at Communication University of China

Communication University of China (CUC) is a top university in China in fields of media and communication. According to the latest National Discipline Evaluation conducted by Ministry of Education, CUC ranked No.1 in China in “Journalism and Communication Studies” and “Theatre, Film and Television Studies”, and ranked No. 6 in “Art Theory Studies” and No. 10 in “Design Studies”.  Since 1994, Communication University of China started to offer Chinese language training programs to international students. Since 2011, CUC started to offer graduate degree programs taught in English language medium to international students. Programs current available are Master’s Programs in International Journalism and Communication, Master’s Program in New Media and Master’s Program in Film and Television Production. Currently, more than 1000 international students from 113 countries studied at CUC. 
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