Aircraft Environment and Life Support Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Aircraft Environment and Life Support Engineering program mainly studies  construction of experimental base in six  research fields including advanced spacecraft technology, advanced aircraft technology, stealth technology, comprehensive environmental control and life support technology, aircraft control technology and technology of aircraft comprehensive reliability.

2. Training Objectives

Aircraft environment and life support engineering program trains engineering and technical personnel with ability of simulation and control of aerospace environment and ability of design and research of life support system. These personnel can be engaged in work of design of environmental control and life support system in field of aerospace,and can be engaged in work of system design for thermal energy utilization, air conditioning and heating in civilian areas.

3. Training Requirements

Students mainly study basic theory and knowledge of human factors engineering, aerospace environmental engineering, thermal control system, control theory, man-machine system engineering, aerospace life support engineering; master basic knowledge and skills of simulation of aerospace environment, and design and research of control and life support system.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master basic theory and knowledge of mechanical drawing, computer science, control science and electrical and electronic technology;

2) Master basic theory of heat transfer, engineering thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, space environment engineering and man-machine engineering;

3) Master basic theory of erospace physiology and life support system;

4) With basic capability of design of simulation and control system of aerospace environment;

5) With basic capability of to be engaged in design work of civil air conditioning and refrigeration system;

6) Master basic methods of document retrieval and data access, and have ability of scientific research and practical work.

5. Main Courses

Man-machine and environment system engineering, power engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, control science and engineering, engineering thermodynamics, heat transfer science, space environment engineering, aerospace physiology, control theory, man-machine system engineering,

aerodynamics, theoretical mechanics, structural strength, computer visualization technology, refrigeration technology of air conditioning,

aerospace environment simulation and control technology, aerospace safety engineering, space environment test technology, artificial intelligence, aircraft overall design

6. Practical Teaching

Computer practice, drawing mapping, curriculum design, fluid mechanics experiment, material force experiment, cognition practice, production practice, graduation design

7. Program Experiment

Experiment of flight vehicle environmental control, experiment of vehicle air conditioning

8. Similar Programs

Aircraft design and engineering, Flight vehicle propulsion engineering, aircraft manufacturing and engineering, space science and technology

9. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be technical personnel in research departments of aerospace and aircraft production company.



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