Engineering Degree Program in China - Satellite Digital Technology

 1. Introduction

Satellite Digital Technology program is to train senior personnel who can meet the needs of economic and social development, with the integrated knowledge of digital industry, spatial information technology and other fields. The program trains students with a solid foundation of software engineering, communication and computer technology, and methods of spatial decision and others; to possess the ability of the design and management of the large digital engineering; and to be engaged in scientific research, technology development, engineering application, information services and management in the field of satellite digital technology.
2. Main Courses
Circuit analysis, signal and system, analog circuit, digital circuit and system design, high frequency electronic circuit, computer language and program design, software technology, microcomputer principle and system design, digital signal processing, random signal analysis, information theory, encoding theory, communication principle, electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave, computer operation system, digital engineering principle and method, principle and design of database, algorithm and data structure, network management, discrete mathematics, e-government and e-commerce, network security theory and technology, virtual reality and simulation, engineering drawing and computer drawing, network programming, digital image processing, satellite communication, electronic measurement technology, digital mapping, GPS positioning technology and multimedia technology etc..
3. Employment Prospects
The students can be engaged in information and communication systems, digital land, the design and manufacture of the digital city, and can also work in the departments of government, military, economy and scientific research for management after graduation. And they can also choose IT enterprises, telecommunications operators and the scientific research institutes, or the spatial information science and technology and communications and information systems. 

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