Engineering Degree Program in China - Engineering Supervision

1. Introduction

Engineering Supervision program trains technical and management talents who master the necessary basic theoretical knowledge of the program, with the working ability and professional skills of the fields related to the program, can adapt to the job requirements of the technology, management of the first-line production of architectural engineering.

2. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic theoretical knowledge and professional skills of engineering supervision, such as drawing, reading drawings, surveying and mapping and so on.

2) With the comprehensive ability of ensuring the product quality and safe production.

3) With solid knowledge of engineering construction laws and regulations, quality, safety, investment, progress control, bidding, contract management and organization and coordination of management.

4) With the ability to analyze and solve problems in the engineering construction technology, organization and management.

5) Initially know and master the structure design of the general industrial and civil architectural engineering.

3. Main Courses

Descriptive geometry and architectural drawing, engineering surveying, building materials, construction equipment engineering, building architecture, soil mechanics and foundation, building construction technology, building construction organization and schedule control, project construction supervision, project bidding and contract management, building structure, construction mechanics

4. Employment Prospects

The graduates can work as supervisor, construction worker, materialman, inspector, security officer, cost member, draftsman and engaged in the design work in the supervision companies, construction enterprises, capital construction management department of enterprises and institutions, real estate companies, decoration companies, design institutes and consulting companies. The graduates can apply for the examinations of the registered supervision engineer, registered construction engineer, registered cost engineer, etc. if they meet the corresponding requirement


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