Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument Program in China

1. Introduction

Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument studies acquisition and processing of information. It is the source of information science and technology, is theory and technology of controlling the related factors and is a new and high technology intensive integrated program which is formed by the integration of optics, precision machinery, electronics, electric power, automatic control, signal processing, computer and information technology.

2. Training Objectives

Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument trains senior engineering and technical personnel with the basic knowledge and application ability of Precision instrument design, manufacture, measurement and control. These personnel can be engaged in the field of measurement and control of technology, equipment and system design, manufacturing, technology development, application research, operation and management in different departments of national economy.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory of optics of precision instruments, machinery and electronics and measurement and control and study design methods of measurement and control instrument. The students receive basic training of modern measurement and control technology and instrument application, then process the capability in application and design of measurement and control technology and instrument system.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1. Systematically master the basic knowledge of technology and theory of the program, mainly including the basic knowledge of Mechanics, electrical and electronic technology, optics, sensor technology, measurement and control, market economy and enterprise management;

2. With the necessary basic skills of modern measurement and control technology and experimental research with the combination of optics, mechanics, electricity and computer and skills of design and development of modern measurement and control system and instrument;

3. With strong self-learning ability, innovative consciousness and high comprehensive quality.

5. Main Subjects

Optical engineering, instrument science and technology

6. Main Courses

Electrical engineering, electronic technology, principle and application of sensor, principle and application of microcomputer, control engineering, signal and testing system, intelligent mechanical design, digital control technology, precision instrument design, Micro-Electro-Mechanical System control circuit design, intelligent instrument design

7. Practical Teaching

Metalworking, electrical working and electronic practice, cognition practice, production practice, social practice, curriculum design, graduation design (paper), the general arrangement should be more than 40 weeks.

8. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can be engaged in work of instruments and meters, and software, hardware research, development, testing of Electronic products; can be engaged in work of Instrument automatic control, measurement, quality inspection, test and detection; can be engaged in work of computer measurement and control technology.


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